3 Things to Lookout for While Buying a Water Pump

India is a country where we worship water as a god. We, the countrymen are very weary and respectful to our water needs. Every year India is affected by severe drought. Last year was one of the worst droughts in its history. The government, in light of these serious events are undertaking a massive effort to regulate the countries water resources. They are asking people to religiously harvest rainwater, have water pumps in each home for a steady level of groundwater maintenance. Water pump manufacturers of India are trying to develop pumps that can pull out water from the deep recesses of the earth.

Top pump manufacturers in India

Points to remember

While buying a water pump every consumer should be aware of the various nooks and crannies to lookout for. The following are three important aspects to remember while buying your next water pump.

  • Rate of water flow– the water flow rate of a pump is measured in liters per minute. While buying a pump, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is that is what time will the water tank be full. Ideally, for a house, 100-200 liters per minute is more than enough power required for a pump. So if you have a 1000 liters water tank in your house, this pump can fill it up in about 5-10 minutes, depending on the type of pump you choose for.
  • Size of the inlet – This factor is also directly related with the time it will take to fill up your tank. A typical pump has an inlet size which varies from 1” – 5”. All centrifugal pumps work on the same principle. It sucks in water through the inlet valve and release it from the discharge valve. The greater the size of the inlet, the quicker the pump will transfer the water through it.
  • Head and pressure – This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider while buying a pump. Maximum head of a pump refers to the combination of maximum suction height and maximum pumping height. For example if the maximum head of a pump is 40 meters, then at 40 meters above the ground, the water flow rate will be zero. So basically, while buying a pump it is necessary to buy a pump which has a maximum head more than the desired height of the distance between the ground and the water tank. The pressure is another factor to consider. On a rough estimate, I metre of head comes down to 1.42 PSI (pumps pressure rating). So a typical house pump will have a pressure of 57 PSI if the maximum head is 40 meters. This water pressure is pretty perfect for a household.

Top pump manufacturers in India keep all these above factors in mind while making a water pumps. It is only prudent, that if you are a prospective customer, you too keep these factors in mind.