5 Cooling Tips With Fans To Beat The Summer Heat In Your Room

beat summer heat with ceiling fans

Switching on your high speed ceiling fan to make your room cooler is not enough. Read this blog and know what else you can do with your fan for better cooling. 

Decorative ceiling fans reside exactly where you want them: on the ceiling. They either draw the warm air up or push the cool air down. It all depends on the direction that you have set the fan in. The larger the blades, the greater the surface area your fan will circulate air through. 

Ways To Increase Cooling In

1. Ceiling Fans

  • Set The Fan To Rotate Anticlockwise

One of the best ways to cool a room without AC is to ensure that your ceiling fan spins in an anti-clock motion. By counterclockwise rotation, the ceiling fan will exert the cool air down into the room. Remember to switch it back to spin clockwise during winters. Because it can pull the cool air up instead. 

  • Clean The Fan

It is inevitable that ceiling fans will collect dust since they pull up the air. Over time, a lot of dust hinders airflow, thereby making the fans less efficient. One of the most perfect times to clean your ceiling fan is when you are switching it. From the warm season to the cold one. 

  • Update Your Ceiling Fan

Using the same for a decade is no solution. Hence, consider updating your ceiling fan with the latest model available on the market. This will not only increase the fan’s efficiency but also helps produce more airflow than the older versions. Moreover, you will benefit from switching out old fans for modern ones.

 2. Pedestal Fans

  • Put A Bucket Of Ice In Front Of The Fan

This old-school way is more affordable and effective than you think. All you need to do is fill a bucket of ice and place it about 4 to 6 inches from the fan. When the fan runs over the ice, it will eventually cool down the whole room. For maximum cooling, select the coolest corner of your room. 

  • Adjust The Oscillating Speed

The pedestal fan works by oscillation. Hence, you might want to adjust the speed at which it oscillates for noticing a remarkable difference. Typically, pedestal fans have two settings. The first controls the oscillation and the second controls the fan speed itself. Sometimes a higher fan speed cannot make up for the fact that the fan needs a full minute to come back to you. 


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