5 Supreme Ways To Take Care And Maintain Your Mixer Grinder Jars

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The hassle of replacing the mixer grinder jars every now and then continues to trouble us almost every day. Polar brings some simple methods in which you can take care of your mixer grinder jars.

Maintaining an electronic item is as essential as buying it. Not taking enough care leads to the absolute wastage of your money. Machines make our lives easy and therefore, it is our responsibility to properly maintain them.

Steps To Maintain Mixer Grinder Jars:

  1. Remove water from the juicer mixer grinder once the user has been done. Water in the jar can damage the bushes and blades of the jar. It happens mainly due to the rusting process. Also, the problems in the jar socket can cause trouble. Once the mixer grinder has done its work, keep it upside down.
  2. Keep water away from the jar socket. Jars that come with separate mixer grinder motors are very easy to tackle. However, you need to wash the jar thoroughly. Keep the water away from the mixer grinder socket as it can cause damage to the machine. If the grinder gets in contact with water, use a hairdryer to dry it completely.
  3. Greasing the mixer grinder blade is necessary. Online mixer grinder provides a variety of facilities where greasing is done easily.  If you keep your machine constantly upside down and still face the same problem, then you need to thoroughly grease the grinder blades. Tiny water droplets remain stuck to the jar bushes and damage them as time passes.
  4. Another important reason why there is a problem in the mixer grinder jars is their overflow. You can simply avoid this common mistake by determining the actual capacity of the jar. For example- if you have put 200 ml of a liquid in a 100 ml juicer mixer grinder, then the liquid is obvious to spill. Avoid overflowing the mixer grinder and you will be able to use your grinder jars for a longer period of time.
  5. Once the grinding process is complete, empty down your jars. Often we leave the grinding particles in the jars that lead to their withering off. The presence of salt and acid in the grinding materials is responsible for lowering the performance of the mixer shelves. You must always try to empty the grinder jars once the work is complete.


Save your mixer grinder by adopting these maintenance measures. If you want to buy online mixer grinders and juicer mixer grinders then Polar is the solution. They have a wide range of electronic products that will simplify your everyday life. Don’t waste your time wondering and book your favourite home appliance today!