Advantages Of Using Ceiling Fans In Comparison To An AC

decorative ceiling fans

With the temperature reaching sky high, and even winters getting warmer, ceiling fans are an indispensable asset. Invest in Polar fans for maximum comfort. 

If you do not want the stuffy summer weather to disrupt your sleep, keeping a high speed ceiling fan switched on is the best decision. Without the fan, you can be uncomfortable, sweaty which will, in turn, lead to loss of essential minerals from your body. Thus, to enjoy a good night’s sleep, it is better to leave your fan on. It is true that air conditioners have somewhat reduced their popularity but for the majority of users, energy-saving ceiling fans are better than ACs. But leaving air-conditioners turned on an entire night every single day can lead to health risks and also contribute to increased power bills.  

Ceiling fans are an essential addition to every living space. Starting from residential spaces to offices. It gives you a comfortable breeze and boosts airflow that creates a cooling sensation.  You will find endless options for ceiling fans. From high speed ones to the much-hyped decorative ceiling fans. While the underlying purpose of buying ceiling fans remains the same, each of these variants solves a specific purpose. 

Comparing Which Is More Sustainable Option Between Ceiling Fans And AC


  • Air conditioners are big in size and are cumbersome to install and transport. Fans are available in different varieties like ceiling, table-fan, pedestal, etc. Also, they are compact, easy to transport and install. 
  • There should be a proper cleaning regime for your AC filters. Also, the gas needs to be replaced once in a while. With ceiling fans, you do not need professional help. All you need is a clean cloth and soap water to make your fans squeaky clean again. 
  • The bigger your room is, the more powerful and better-rated AC you will need. But if you compare it with ceiling fans, the former consumes a whopping 3900% more energy. With energy-saving fans, you get a more environment-friendly option. 

Final Pick: Ceiling Fan Vs Ac

 Cooling accounts for nearly 6% of the total energy consumed in a household. If you keep the AC turned on for almost the whole day, this percentage can rise. Thus, keeping in mind both comfort and pocket pinch. Marketers feel power saving fans are a great alternative. It can be rightly said that air conditioners are just energy hogs that drain you of your hard-earned money. While ceiling fans on the other hand do a much better job in keeping your budget in check and also makes your room cool. 

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