All You Need To Know About Cost-Effective Power Saving Ceiling Fans

power saving fans


Though air conditioners and coolers have seen an increase in sales, nothing can beat the widespread use of ceiling fans. Get a brief idea about power saving fans in this blog.

For those who were shivering from the fall in temperature in the last two months, the good news  is summer is finally here. But the one big downside of summer is the extreme humidity and the scorching heat. It becomes uncomfortable, itchy, and difficult to survive the summer months if there is no proper air circulation in the room you are sitting. With air conditioners, the utility bills reach sky-high, adding to the expense. Thus the only flexible and trusted resource is a power saving fan.

The increase in demand for energy-efficient ceiling fans at an affordable cost has made the manufacturers introduce high-speed ceiling fans that also save power. 

Do Power Saving Ceiling Fans Really Exist?

  • The most common question that  a customer has in his mind is “Which fan should I buy?’, “Do energy-efficient fans truly exist?” 
  • The truth is it exists but before we delve into power saving fans, let us understand how they are different from traditional ceiling fans. 
  • Regular ceiling fans are usually built with an AC Induction motor. These ceiling fans consume nearly 75W of power and some older fans can consume even 90W. This definitely adds to your already mounting electricity bills. The biggest setback is, some of the leading brand manufacturers are still promoting these inefficient high power ceiling fans. The decreased interest to provide customers better products is to save money in manufacturing and buying low-graded equipment. 

What Is The Technology Behind Power Saving Fans?

  • The power saving ceiling fans deploy enhanced technology to reduce power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency grants 5 stars to these fans for their high performance and their ability to consume less power. Their electricity consumption is about 50W. 
  • The highest efficiency power consumption fans have semiconductors that help in the low use of energy. These fans have a BLDC motor (Brushless DC Motor) with microcontrollers. Thus they are adept at saving more than half of the power consumed by regular ceiling fans. 

Are Ceiling Fans Worth The Investment?

The simple answer to this is yes. Every penny spent on ceiling fans will be worthwhile not only in terms of comfortability but also if you want a statement accent piece in your house. Fans with the best technology, latest designs are available in the market that will give you relief from the hot days. 

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