Are Gas Water Geysers And Heaters Better Than The Electric Ones?

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A lot of research has been done to witness most energy efficient geyser among gas and electric geysers. Let’s get an insight into it from the best geysers company in India. 

A gas water geyser works on a very simple technique. The water passes through a pipeline which again moves through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a water pipe along with fins covering. Also, there is a gas burner below it. This is the simple mechanism of the best geysers operating on gas. 

Are Gas Water Heaters/ Geysers Safe To Use?

Every electrical appliance needs some or the other safety measures. Even the gas geysers are safe to use when you follow the basic safety precautions. Certain things should be kept in mind such as:

  1. Do not install these geysers in a closed space like a bathroom. Ensure that there is a proper ventilation system in and around the geyser.
  2. Never keep the geyser close to explosives, inflammable or corrosive objects. Also, prevent the contact of any electric wiring to the water heater.
  3. Make sure that you have a leak-proof connecting pipe at home. Also, they must be clean and anti-corrosive.
  4. Place it at a certain height from where the pilot flame can be easily visible to you. 
  5. Ensure never to leave the gas water geyser on for a long time as it could cause potential damages. Additionally, never leave the tap on for too long. 

How Is Gas Water Geyser Energy Effective?

  • We all know that gas is a core source of energy. People extract and use it as per their wish. The only loss of gas is during transportation but they are very less. On the other hand, electricity is a secondary source of energy.
  • One generates it using coal or other types of fossil fuels. There are various inefficiencies in the generation, distribution as well as transmission of electricity. 
  • To be precise, it can be said that there is a 15-30 % energy loss in India. Hence, utilizing electricity in itself is not a good idea. Using the fuel directly ultimately causes the gas for heating water. Which is not very energy efficient. 

Electric Geyser Or Gas Geyser? 

For the final verdict on whether to use a gas geyser or an electric one, experts always choose the latter. It is easy to operate, safe to use, saves your pocket, and also saves energy for the environment. So, a gas geyser is technically a safer and cost-efficient option to choose. 


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