Become India’s Best Home Cook with a Juicer Mixer Grinder

You turn on any cooking show on you television and the appliance that is a must is a juicer mixer grinder machine. This versatile piece of equipment is a gem as it on its’ own can make your cooking experience a more pleasant one. It is ridiculously easy to order one. Just go to an appliance store online and you can order one in a jiffy. Let me explain why it is needed. This piece of equipment is a substitute for all the work that can be done by a juicer, a mixer, and a grinder individually. And mind you, all the work that can be done by these individual appliances can be accomplished here under one appliance.


Here is what each of them can do individually Mixer

A mixer is a gear driven machine that helps in mixing ingredients together during cooking. It is very useful for making purees and it is also very useful for mixing two or more solid, semi-solid ingredients together. It comes in two versions, the stand mixer and the hand mixer, but as a hand mixer’s work cannot be done by a juicer mixer grinder machine, let’s explain what the stand mixer is good for. Stand mixer is an appliance that makes making a dough very easy. Be it a cake dough or a pizza dough or a dough for a regular paratha, a stand mixer with its powerful motors mix all the ingredients together and the feature of regulating the motor speed ensures that the mixture is not over whipped.


A grinder is an equipment which turns your ingredients in a fine powder or a semi solid mush. Both dry ingredients and wet ingredients can be processed here.

  1. Coffee grinder– this is used to grind fresh coffee beans into powdered filter coffee. with one of these at your disposal you can always grind some coffee beans and have garden fresh coffee
  2. Meat grinder – a meat grinder is used to make ground meat. This can help you make the perfect burger patty or the perfect sausage or the perfect ground mutton for your mutton rezala.


A juicer is a perfect appliance for the health freak in you. You can juice an orange or a tomato in no time at all. A juicer is particularly helpful as it juices only the pulp of the fruit or veggie and carefully omits the bitter taste of the skin.

Now a purchase of a juicer mixer grinder online sets you up with the perfect appliance that professional chefs drool on. This appliance will set you up with that trump card that helps you ease your cooking next time the friends and family comes over. If you are serious about cooking and want your closed ones to praise you for it, you need to have one of these babies. They can bring all your juicing, mixing and grinding needs under one single appliance’s roof.