Give Yourself the Summer Kitchen Freedom with Mixer Grinder

Best mixer grinderThis summer does not spend hours in the kitchen sweating out. Instead buy the Best mixer grinder and rustle up some kitchen magic. Here are some tips on it.

Summertime can be hot, uncomfortable. Summertime can be fun as well. However, what irks us most is the number of hours we have to spend in the kitchen in this terrible summer heat to cook food for our loved ones. Since the children are at home now and since the adults are mostly working from home, it is becoming a challenge to rustle up different types of meals every day. You can however use the magic of a mixer grinder to make some amazing food without sweating out too much in the kitchen. All you need to do is to buy the Best mixer grinder and see the difference you can make. Here are some ways you can make your summer kitchen happier:

Summer Kitchen Ideas with Mixer Grinder:-

  • Idlis, uttapams, and Chilas make great summer breakfast. Also, they are light, healthy, and easy to digest as well. The good news is that you can keep most of the things prepared pre-hand. Soak the proportionate quantities of rice-dal for a few hours. Use your mixer grinder to make a batter. Let it ferment overnight and voila, by morning your batter is just right for your yummy idlis uttapams and Chilas.  Try the easier tomato or onion or coriander chutney to go with this and you are all sorted. 
  • Mixed rice, accompanied with papad or chips makes for great lunch variety. Let your Best mixer grinder in India do the trick. Make a paste of pudina, green chilies, and a little bit of groundnut or sesame seeds. Add this to cooked rice and stir fry a bit. Also, you may choose to add some partly boiled veggies to this too. Adjust seasoning and add a Dish of lime. Your yummy Pudina-Rice is all set to rock the lunch show.  Also, you can try out tomato rice coconut rice and different forms of pastes which you can just add to your rice and create yummy food without sweating it out in the kitchen.
  • Summer is a fruity season and makes the best use of it. Make beautiful smoothies of mango, banana. Churn some cool watermelon juice. Make your summers fresh and healthy – all thanks to your juicer mixer grinder. 
  • Don’t feel like cooking anything for dinner. Try churning out some cold soups to cool your system. The best Best mixer grinder in Kolkata is always at your rescue. 

These are little tips with which you can make your summers more cool and comfortable with the help of a mixer grinder. If you are looking for a wonderful kitchen companion of mixer grinder, go for Best online Electrical Appliances and choose Polar India.