Burst Some Common Myths About Ceiling Fans & Clear Your Doubts

power saving fanKnow why you should buy Polar’s low cost, power-saving high-speed ceiling fans. A list of FAQs to help you purchase the correct ceiling fan for ultimate comfort. 

When you think about lowering power consumption, ceiling fan are mostly neglected.  Either you think of installing low wattage lights or you decide to turn off your AC and switch to fans. But did you know ordinary fans can contribute highly to your bills? Are you aware which ceiling fans are suitable for you?  There are many other questions that are mostly left unanswered. So, let us take time and solve a few questions regarding ceiling fans. 

Some Common Faqs About Ceiling Fans:-  

What Size Ceiling Fans are Appropriate for Home Use?

Choosing a ceiling fan with the correct size is important for proper air circulation. Though there is no preset rule for determining the actual size of your ceiling fan, still you can work with a ceiling fan size recommendation calculator. It will give you approximately correct results. Here is some guidance:

  • Rooms with size upto 15 qm: use ceiling fan of 75 to 105 cm
  • Living Rooms with size upto 20qm: use ceiling fan of 112 to 122 cm
  • Rooms with size upto 25-30 qm: use ceiling fan of 132 cm

Why Should You Buy A Polar Ceiling Fan?

Some important attributes that make polar ceiling fans a hit among all consumers are:

  • Functionality:- A ceiling fan’s main function is to make the space comfortable by circulating cool air. Polar’s high-speed ceiling fans have the latest technology for better air circulation. The greater blade pitch, efficiently sized motor, correct blade angle, make the appliance perfect.
  • Durability:- After going through a lot of inspections and testing, Polar pedestal fans and ceiling fan are made available in the market. You can rest assured with their safety features, warranty, and quality.
  • Affordability:- With Polar low-cost, most economical fans, you need not spend a huge amount of money from your pocket as well. Hence, both price and functionality are top-notch.
  • Visual Bonus:- Ceiling fans are not necessarily boring. Add a dash of elegance and style with Polar decorative ceiling fans. You can also buy ceiling fans with light fixtures and striking textures. 

How much does a ceiling fan cost to operate?

There is no other mode of cooling your home more efficiently than with the help of a ceiling fan. Ordinary ceiling fans use about 70-80 watt power which is sufficiently high. You can reduce energy consumption with power-saving fans. 

Why does a ceiling fan make noise? How are Polar fans different?

The clicking sound that you hear is due to the blades being tightly assembled to the fan. The problem lies in poor manufacturing skills. Reputed brands will never serve you a product that has such defects. However, you can tighten the blade screws and secure the upper canopy to reduce the noise. PolarIndia distributors take special care during the making and distribution of products. Hence, you will not notice any product noise or malfunctioning.

The wide variety and style of different fans can spark up a lot of questions in your mind. The ever-evolving technology can definitely make you confused while purchasing a ceiling fan. So, now we hope all your doubts and confusions are cleared with our answers.