Buy the Finest Ceiling Fans to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

polar high speed ceiling fansThere is nothing more functional and useful than a ceiling fan in your home. Make your room more airy and fresh with the best ceiling fans available in India.

The wide range of electrical appliances available online has made Indian consumers spoilt for choices. Specifically speaking the various options of different ceiling fans have made it increasingly difficult for consumers to choose from. 

However, if you are looking for the best products in the market, trust no one other than Polar-India. The brand offers all kinds of fans that a consumer needs to be ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, or pedestal fans. You will even find subcategories under ceiling fans like decorative ceiling fans, low cost, and high-speed ceiling fans. Therefore you can very well understand the extensive range of products available from the brand. 

Let Us Look At the Top 3 Ceiling Fans Offered By the Brand:-

Polar Megamite  (1200mm) Ceiling Fan:-


  1. 3-blade  weighs 3 kg and its dimension is 120*120*15 cm
  2. Runs at low voltage and has a high blade speed
  3. Resistant to dust accumulation on blades
  4. High-speed ceiling fans
  5. Super glossy finish, international technology
  6. Affordable power saving fans

Polar Wintop  (1200mm) Ceiling Fan:-


  1. 3-blade weighs 4.14 kg
  2. Energy-efficient motor, the operational current is 0.35A
  3. The glossy finish and modern design
  4. High air delivery, smooth running of blades
  5. Wider air depression ensures the increased flow of air

Polar Payton (1200mm) Ceiling Fan:-


  1. 3 blades made of aluminum with 8-degree blade pitch
  2. Weighs around 2.34 Kg
  3. 340-360 rpm at a rated voltage of 230V supply RPM
  4. Energy-efficient motor hence considered the best power saving fans
  5. Designed with perfection, resistant to rust
  6. Low-cost ceiling fans, yet highly powerful with airflow 215 CFM

Another latest addition of the brand to their list of quality products is the various types of decorative ceiling fans. If you think that ceiling fans these days are outdated and boring, then please do think again. Contemporary, stylish a decorative ceiling fan is designed with perfection to suit modern homes.

Fans that not only score in terms of functionality but also give a luxe look and feel to your interior is worth the buy. Introducing Polar-India’s wide range of decorative fans that are fit for all practical and also boosts your room decor. 

  • For industrial type decor in your room, choose a fan with metal finishes.
  • For monochrome rooms, decorative ceiling fans in chrome and black will be the best choice
  • If minimalistic homes, choose one with a sleek look having 2-blades.

So, gear up to buy the best ceiling fans from the brand to suit all your requirements.