Ceiling Fans Usefulness in Humid Conditions

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The one of main benefits of installing an electric ceiling fan is to get comfort in humid conditions too. Here is some more information about how you benefit from installing power saving fans in those conditions. 

Everybody knows that ceiling fans help you feel cooler. It is true that the fans do not effectively reduce the temperature. Instead, these high speed ceiling fans generate a breeze that can facilitate the evaporation of perspiration, helping to cool down the body. Ceiling fans are ideal for homes because they help to evenly distribute and circulate the air that’s in the room consistently. 

How can a ceiling fan help in humid conditions?

When you are looking for inexpensive ways to make your room comfortable, airy, and less humid, ceiling fans are the go-to option. A counterclockwise direction of the fans is best when it is warmer as they circulate cool air downward. Reversely, when the temperature drops, fans in a clockwise direction helps to move warm air through the room.

Take a look at how the fan is designed to keep you comfortable in high humidity:

  • Fan design: The blades of the fan are set at an angle that gives them the ability to push air more effectively. Moreover, the fan has settings that can be adjusted to make it either rotate faster or slower according to your needs. So, in summer when the temperature shoots up, your fan should run at a medium or high speed. The size of the fan will also determine how cool the room will be when you run it. It works as follows:
  1. 12 feet or fewer walls should use a 36-inch diameter fan to stay coo
  2. 12-15 feet long walls should use a 42-inch fan
  3. 15-18 feet long walls should use a 52-inch fan
  • Wind-chill effect:  Breeze ceilings fans can stir the warm air in the room and change the temperature. During a hot humid day, we often sweat and the moisture accumulates on the skin when in a room. The breeze creates a wind chill effect that evaporates moisture from the skin and leaves a cooling sensation. So homeowners agree that the device makes them feel cooler. The air movement in the room alone is better enough to make the room feel four degrees or cooler.

Popularity Of Power Saving Fans

The best way to curb your electricity expenses is by carefully strategizing and charting down which appliances in your house run daily for long hours. Given the extreme heat and humid weather, it is impossible to cut down on the usage of ceiling fans. Today due to the advancement in technology, every home appliance has better features.  Manufacturers designed power saving fans with BEE technology to minimize electric consumption. 

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