Choose Fans That Provide Best In Class Air Delivery

high speed ceiling fan

Revamp the look of your room by adding best-in-class decorative ceiling fans. Know the factors to choose the best fan for your room.

It is easy to say that the growth in the housing sector is boosting the sale of ceiling fans. These appliances are practically always in use as India is a tropical country and there are more summer months than winter. When buying a high speed ceiling fan, we often look for the finest air quality, efficiency, and rate of delivery. All these factors help us choose the right fans for our homes that will make the room cool and much more comfortable. 

Factors That Affect The Efficiency And Air Quality Even For Best In Class Fans?

Still wondering “which fans should I buy?” Here are few factors to keep in mind. 

  • Blade Pitch: Blade pitch essentially refers to the angle at which you are the blades corresponds to the ground. In the world of fans, it is said that “the steeper the blade pitch, the more air a fan will move.”  Accordingly, the optimal blade pitch for a ceiling fan is between 12 and 15 degrees. The steeper the blade pitch the more powerful motor you will need to achieve the right speed. The one factor that is important is that the power of the motor should complement each other for the best delivery.  
  • Blade Shape And Size: It is better to choose fans that have blades that are not too long or too wide. Even if the ceiling fans have large motors, bigger blades, it does not necessarily mean better air delivery. Larger and wider blades move slower than thinner ones, hence the latter win over the wide ones. 
  • RPM:  RPM stands for revolutions per minute. This means that the faster the blade moves, the more is air delivery. In a true sense, to get the maximum air delivery, the fan should have different speed settings, ranging from low to very high. One should also note that faster rotations may provide superior air delivery. However, it is better to keep track on the noise delivered as it can increase to a great extent. 

Most of the time while upgrading your home interiors, you forget to pay attention to your ceiling fans. Most of you feel that ceiling fans are all the same, there are no variations. But that is not true anymore. There is a wide range of options available in the markets nowadays. Over the years many styles and types of ceiling fans have made prominence. Currently, decorative ceiling fans are a rage. These fans score high in terms of design, comfort, and have a great metallic finish.

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