Cool Your Room By Installing High Speed Ceiling Fans From Polar

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In Indian homes, high speed ceiling fans are the primary cooling system. Know what is the working process of a ceiling fan and how to minimize your utility bill. 

A ceiling fan gets its rating depending on air-flow capacity, efficiency, blades, motor, and design. The better the performance of each element, the greater will be the overall performance of your fan. But do you know how it actually makes you feel comfortable even in the rising temperature and humidity? We are here to enrich your knowledge about how a ceiling fan functions. 

How Does  Ceiling Fans Work?

Heat loss (cooling) can come in two forms: 

  • Cool air passing over the skin removes heat via convection 
  • Relatively dry air passing over the skin increases the rate of perspiration evaporation

Contrary to an air-conditioner, a high speed ceiling fan necessarily does not make the room cooler. The breeze from the ceiling fan cools occupants by disrupting the stagnant layer of air that surrounds the body. 

Should You Use A Ceiling Fan When The Ac Is Switched On?

To decide this, you need to at first consider three factors. These include:

  • How much time do you spend in the fan’s area of effect?
  • How far is the fan from your AC registers?
  • And the last how comfortable do you feel with both the fan and AC?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to switch on both or not. 

What Is The Difference Between Regular Ceiling Fans And Power Saving Fans?

Regular ceiling fans are usually built with an AC Induction motor. These ceiling fans consume nearly 75W of power and some older fans can consume even 90W. This definitely adds to your already mounting electricity bills. The biggest setback is the large brand manufacturers are still promoting these inefficient high-power ceiling fans. The reason behind this is the low operational costs and lack of urge to implement new technology for better products.

These power saving fans deploy enhanced technology to reduce power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency grants 5 stars to these fans for their high performance and their ability to consume less power. Their electricity consumption is about 50W. Thus, these fans are adept at saving more than half of the power consumed by regular ceiling fans. This is a win-win situation as you get both comfort and savings at the same time. 

To avail of the best products, it is imperative you trust the best brand. Modern ceiling fans with automatic control and stylish finish have been able to replace conventional fans. Polar fans offer you a wide range of options to choose the correct one with the latest technology and unique design.