Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Decorative Ceiling FanAnti-dust ceiling fans are the best kind of ceiling fans since they are effortless to clean. It is also one of the best 10 ceiling fans in the country.

Ceiling fans are a major part of every Indian household or to be precise every building. No matter where you go you would find at least one ceiling fan. However, with so many options available it is hard to choose a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans also take a lot of time to be cleaned and maintained as the dust accumulated on the blades are stubborn. But, with the launch of anti-dust ceiling fans, the headache of tough cleaning is gone. A lot of people don’t really understand the concept of anti-dust fans. So, to clear all questions here are some frequently asked questions about the anti-dust ceiling fan which is also one of the best 10 ceiling fans in India.

What is an Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan?

Anti-dust ceiling fans are fans that attracts way less dirt than regular fans. Hence, the dirt does not stick to the blades like ordinary ceiling fans. These fans are made by all ceiling fans manufacturer in India.

What is the technology behind anti-dust ceiling fans:

Anti-dust ceiling fans accumulate 50% less dust than regular ceiling fans. The technology behind this is the blades are coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic paints infused with Nano-technology. These fans are topped with a coat which is water repellent which causes the water to form droplets and fall down instead of sticking with the dust.

Do anti-dust fans look good?

Yes, anti-dust fans look way more stylish and elegant than regular fans. With so many colors available and a glossy finish, they make for the best decorative ceiling fan. They add a vibrant and elegant touch to your room.

How to clean anti-dust fans?

The reason of manufacturing anti-dust fans is hassle-free cleaning. Since they attract less dust cleaning them is not a tough job. All you have to do is wipe the blades with a clean cloth.

Do they consume more power?

The anti-dust technology has nothing to do with power. The consumption of power depends on the brand you are buying from.

How much do they cost? Are they expensive than a regular fan?

This again depends on the company you are purchasing from. Anti-dust fans can sometimes be expensive but some Home Appliances Manufacturer in India make them at an affordable price range too. They come in a lot of options.

Which is the best Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan in India?

The best anti-dust ceiling fan in India is definitely the new anti-dust Kayano ceiling fan manufactured by Polar India. Regular anti-dust fans attract 50% less dust whereas the anti-dust Kayano ceiling fan attracts 60% less dust. These fans come with a high-speed motor and the blades come with superior strength. With the amazing price point, this is surely the best one to go for.

Hope these answers clear up all your questions about anti-dust ceiling fans. Get the best one out in the market.