Ceiling Fan Directions During Winter and Summer

1200MM CEILING FANDo you know that an electric ceiling fan moves in opposite directions during the summer and winter months? Read this blog to know how this really happens.

An advanced electric ceiling fan has its own unique features including the direction of the blades. Some of the latest models are found to have blades the directions of which can be changed as per the requirement and the present season. Actually, it is essential to determine what kind of ventilation is required in the room, specifically during the extreme climatic conditions in the winters and the summers.

In the Winter, the Breeze Will Blow that Way:-

The spinning motion of a ceiling fan during the winter season is just the opposite motion to the summers. Activation of the clockwise motion will depend on the ceiling fan model. Some of the models may have a smaller switch on any of the sides of the motor whereas the others may be changed using the remote or the switch. When the blades of the ceiling fan move in the clockwise direction, the cool breeze gets directed towards the upward direction and to the corners of the space. This keeps you chill-free in the winters. You must be surprised to know that most of these ceiling fan models can save up to fifteen percent heating cost.

In the Hot Scorching Summer Days, the Breeze Blows this Way:-

According to the country or the location you live in, the heat of the summer days may differ from the others. But, regardless of the temperature of the degree, a decrease or an increase may be there in the temperature during this season, of course, if you are not living in the Arctic. For the summer months, the fan blades spin in the counterclockwise direction that is also the default rotational motion of all ceiling fans. When the fan moves in this direction, the cool air gets directed in the downward direction and circulates all over the room touching the skin of everyone present there, creating that chilly-cold effect. But, which is the counterclockwise motion? There are many who do not have a clear concept about this. So, how can you understand whether the fan is rotating in the counterclockwise direction? Well, its quite simple. You can just stand directly under the ceiling fan to feel the breeze coming out of the fan. Check whether you are hit by the cool breeze or not. If yes, then its definitely the counterclockwise direction. And if not then its obviously the clockwise direction which is appropriate for the winter days. To precisely determine the counterclockwise direction of the blades, simply follow the abovementioned process, but this time pay more attention to the fan blades instead of just feeling the airflow. If the fan is spinning in this direction, the first blade must move to the left and so on.

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