Prepare these Amazing Healthy Recipes Just By Using A Rice Cooker

electric rice cookerWho told you that you can use a rice cooker only to cook rice? You can make many other easy recipes by using a rice cooker. Read to find out more.

One of the best electrical cooking appliances that are available in the market is rice cookers. No, they are not only for making rice, pulao, and well veg rice! It is an extremely versatile appliance that can help you cook some amazing, easy, tasty, and healthy recipes. Whether you are running out of time or you want some quick breakfast fix, these recipes are perfect for you. They are extremely easy to make as they require ingredients that are normally available in a kitchen all the time.  When you are buying a rice cooker, you look for features that you need.  But, before you jump in,  make sure you buy the best electric rice cooker online. This blog will discuss some interesting and easy recipes that you can prepare in seconds.

Boiled/Mashed Potatoes:-

Mashed potatoes are a favourite of the masses. Anything that contains starch is easily cookable in a rice cooker. The amount of starch content in potatoes is quite high and that is why they can be easily cooked in this appliance as well. All you have to do to prepare the creamiest mashed potatoes is steam them in the steaming basket or directly in the rice cooker till they become soft. Take them, mash them and add butter, cream, salt, pepper. Your delicious bowl of yumminess is ready.

Steamed Veggies/Meat:-

If you are trying to eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, then steamed vegetables or meat are perfect for you. If you have a rice cooker, then you can do this very conveniently. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the steaming basket, season with salt and pepper, and let it steam. If you are cooking meat, then put some water in the pot and season it with whatever you like and place the meat on the steaming basket. This will instil a nice flavour to the meat. 


Eggs are also a very common ingredient in Indian households. You can do eggs in multiple ways. Yes, even in a rice cooker you can cook it in different ways. From Omelet, frittata, sunny side up, poach, boiled, scrambled, etc- you can cook them all in a rice cooker. You can find ample recipes regarding this on the internet.

Rice Pudding:-

One of India’s favourite desserts is rice pudding. Many states call it in different names like-kheer, Payesham, Pongal, Payesh, etc. You can prepare this in a rice cooker as well. You need only four ingredients- milk, rice, sugar, and dry fruits. Cook them the way you do in your stove or follow a recipe from the web. 

These are some recipes that you can easily prepare with a rice cooker. If you want to do kitchen appliances shopping online, then visit the website of Polar India and check out their range of rice cookers.