Facts About Ceiling Fans You Did Not Know: Unraveling The Truth

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Ceiling Fans are the best option when you want to relax on a hot and humid day.  Polar offers the most economical fans and can be the best choice.

There is nothing more functional and useful than a ceiling fan in your home. A high speed ceiling fan is all you need for proper air circulation in your room.  During a hot and humid summer month, an electric fan is like a life-saving drug. Today, a variety of fans are now available from electric power saving fans,  decorative ceiling fans, pedestal, exhaust, tower fans, and many others.

When Buying  Ceiling Fans What Factors Should You Check?

If you are wondering Which fans should I buy?” We have some tips for you. Choosing the right ceiling fan is not easy. There are endless options popularised by various brands. The key features of a ceiling fan  that you should consider are:

  • Size and efficiency of the motor
  • Blade size
  • Design and functionality
  • CFM (Cubic feet of air Flow per Minute)
  • Budget 

Some Facts About Ceiling Fans That You Should Know:

  • A Fan’s Efficacy Tells About Air Quality: For fans, the measure of efficacy is how much airflow you get for a specified amount of electricity. Its units are cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow per watt (W) of electrical power.
  • Ceiling Fan Can Enhance Your Room’s Style Quotient: Most of the time while upgrading your home interiors, you forget to pay attention to your ceiling fans. Most of you feel that ceiling fans are all the same, there are no variations. But that is not true anymore. Decorative ceiling fans are a huge hit now. 
  • Bigger Is Better With Ceiling Fans: The high speed, low cost ceiling fans with longer blades have high efficacies. These appliances ensure better airflow and thus give you as much comfortability as you need. 

A Word Of Caution:

Due to short-circuiting or carelessness, accidents keep recurring. Do not invest in a second-hand electrical fan. Old products might face hidden problems, moreover, you have to compromise on the efficiency too. Check the plugs, sockets from time to time for burn marks, or cracking sound. If there are incidents of fuses blowing or circuit tripping, you need to contact an electrician ASAP.

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