Features Of Pedestal Fans That Makes It A Must Buy For Summers

polar fans

Still thinking, ‘which fans should I buy?” Leave your worry aside and purchase Polar Pedestal fans. These will make your room airy in a humid climate. 


In hot, humid summer months, it is important that you pick the best online electrical appliances that reduce your uneasiness. When you are looking for both comfortability and budgeting, there are two electrical appliances that you can trust. These are the good old ceiling fans and pedestal fans. Both of these perform the same tasks of circulating air properly, thereby bringing the temperature down.

Pedestal Fans And Their Major Advantages:


A powerful appliance that has high air delivery and can very well be an important addition to your room. Therefore, apart from the ceiling fan, you should also invest in the best pedestal fan to bring in extra airiness in your rooms. They have adjustable height, variable speed setting, remote control, portable,  and high CFM  rating.  With the advancement in technology, the new-age pedestal fans have digital displays and hence are very user-friendly. Let us get to know about their main advantages in depth.


  • Portability: This is the biggest advantage of any pedestal fan. Being light in weight, they can be moved around effortlessly and be used in any room of your home. Also, you can simply plug the fan into any power source and receive ample airflow. 
  • Different Fan Modes: It is important that you be able to adjust the fan settings. Nowadays some fans also come with advanced features like a breeze and sleep mode. Moreover, it gives you the authority to change the speed of the fan blades as per your requirement. 
  • Energy Savings: With the advancement in technology, it is possible to purchase pedestal fans that are power-saving. This means you no longer have to worry about the sky-high electricity bill. All energy-efficient fans use at least 50% less energy. 


You can use pedestal fans on your terrace or front porch. They are easy to disassemble and therefore cleaning is hassle-free. Since carrying them around is fairly simple, you can switch the plug on and enjoy the calming breeze. Hence, take no time to invest in these fans which will make your life much easier during the uncomfortable summer days. 


Fans are an imperative addition to every home. Over the years many styles and types of different types of fans have made prominence. A fan is essential for maintaining the correct room temperature depending upon seasonal changes. 

So, if you are searching for the best pedestal fans, ceiling fans, or other variety of fans, do not hesitate to check Polar’s website. The brand is a well-known name in the field of online electrical home appliances.