Get More Information About Ceiling Fans? Here are Some Basic FAQs

decorative ceiling fansYour problems regarding high speed, low cost, power-saving ceiling fans will come to an end now. We have answers to all your queries. So, keep reading this blog.

Over the years, many styles, designs, and features have been added to an ordinary ceiling fan. With increasing features, customers are getting overwhelmed by the vast number of choices. Previously the only requirement was a high-speed ceiling fan, but at present, the addition of extra attributes is spurring many questions. 

So, We Have Listed Down Below A Few Questions Along With Their Answers For You To Check:-

  • Why should you choose a DC ceiling fan?

The DC mortar springs to life when a small amount of electric current passes through a magnetic field coil. The magnetic torque, produced in response is effective in turning the mortar repeatedly. The benefit of using a DC fan is, it saves upto 70% of your energy. Thus, these high-speed ceilings fans are energy-efficient and look much more modern. 

  • How to choose the correct decorative ceiling fan for your room?

Changing times have changing demands. Earlier fans were just like any other home electrical appliance. Their only purpose was to provide comfortability. But now, with the advent of designer fans, you can conveniently use it as an accent piece too. 

  • Here Are Some Tips to Choose The Best Decorative Ceiling Fans for Your Room:-

  1. For monochrome rooms, a decorative ceiling fan in chrome & color black will be a good choice. Or you can add a fan of the opposite color to your wall. For black accent walls choose a stunning white ceiling fan. Similarly for pure white wales, add a glossy black one. 
  2. For minimalistic homes, choose one with a sleek look having 2-blades. As they say, less is more. The sleeker the design, more it will gel well with your minimalistic decor.
  3. For industrial type decor in your room, choose a fan with metal finishes. It will look luxe and classy. 
  • Why are 3-bladed ceiling fans more common in India?

The reason behind popularity if 3 blade ceiling fans are lesser the number of blades, higher will be the air delivery. India’s tropical climate requires a higher degree of correct airflow. Hence, lower numbers of blades ensure maximum speed.

  • What to do when your ceiling fans wobble?

This can be a serious concern. Because wobbling ceiling fans can cause accidents at any instant. Therefore you should keep a check on:

  1. Screws of all the fan blades
  2. The blade holder should be tightly secured to the mortar. 
  3. Check whether the rod ball is properly seated into the mounting bracket or not. 

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