Geyser Power Consumption: What Measures Should You Take?

geysers power consumtion

We can never think of winters without warm water. And for that, you should have the best geysers in store. Here are some tips to save geyser power consumption. 

One of the major challenges you face during winter is the unlimited supply of warm water for everyone in the family. In a conventional way, you have to warm water in the usual oven. It is not just cumbersome but time-taking as well. This winter gives you a break. Buy one of the best geysers and have a relaxed winter.

The geyser power rating is generally available from 500 Watts to 5000 Watts. For example- if the geyser-related power is 2000 Watts, the geyser tends to consume 2kWs per hour. Hence, it is ideal for a user to choose the geyser that suits the best of his/her daily consumption requirement.

The formula to calculate geyser power consumption is-

“Total consumption E(kWh) = Rated Capacity of the geyser * Total Operating hours”

For keeping your water heater consumption in control you should choose 5 stars rated geysers

How to Reduce Geyser Power Consumption?

  • The quantity of water needed is the most important criterion to keep a tab on the consumption of your geyser’s power consumption. Manage to reduce the quantity of hot water for everyday needs like doing dishes, washing clothes
  • Take shower instead of taking showers in a day as multiple showers in a day demand more use of geyser, which directly impacts the geyser power consumption
  • Choose the geyser size that works best for your hot water needs. An oversized geyser has the potential of heating more liters of water, which will eventually increase geyser power consumption. If you have only two members in your family then it is useless to get a 25-liter geyser. You can get a 5-liter geyser if your family is relatively small and if you live in a joint family then the quantity needs to be at least 20 liters to 25 liters.
  • Check the ideal temperature of your geyser
  • Opt for a geyser timer as it helps in switching on and off the appliance after the set time


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