Guidelines To Follow When Installing A Ceiling Fan On False Ceiling

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Wondering  installing a high speed ceiling fan on a false ceiling?  we have some handy and simple tips for you to help you. 

Ceiling fans are a common, energy-efficient, and affordable solution to enhance the air circulation of your rooms. Gone are the days when ceiling fans were just used for their capacity to cool any given space.  You can add a dash of style and make your room look more elegant with decorative ceiling fans from the brand. With changing times, there has been a change in customer demands and currently, most apartments have false ceilings. At times consumers become confused about whether it is possible for installing a ceiling fan or not in such an environment. 

Most ceiling fans need stronger support than a false ceiling can offer, so some extra framing is necessary before installing the fan. Therefore, prior to installing a fan to your false ceiling, you have to consider doing a little remodeling first. 

Easy Steps To Installing A Ceiling  Fan Correctly In A False Ceiling

  • Pick The Best Fix To Install Your Ceiling Fan: Deciding where you will position your high speed ceiling fan is the first thing to consider. After identifying the right point to fix it, you need to prepare that particular area by removing a few tiles from the false ceiling. This is an important step as it allows you to have free, easy access to the joists found above your drop ceiling. Once you are sure where to fix it, ensure that the main power switch is turned off. You will need to do cable-wiring along the joist from the main power source. In addition, secure the cable with the right cable staples. After wiring is complete, you need to install the heavy-duty box of your ceiling fan in the ceiling. For security, do keep in mind that you need to secure the metal brace perfectly to the joists in the ceiling.
  • Adding Some Extra Support For Safety: Add some extra support while installing a ceiling fan brackets, particularly at the rare side of the false ceiling. These support brackets are very vital to hold your ceiling fan and provide strong support to the fan. Make sure you high some professionals at this juncture or else a bit of carelessness can result in a huge mishap.  A tip from the professionals is that be sure to choose a heavy-duty bracket and it should be mounted within the gridwork of the false ceiling.

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