How Can You Purchase the Best Ceiling Fans from A Trusted Company?

Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in IndiaRead this blog for information regarding how one can buy the best fan for their household from the Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in India.

Ceiling fans are an essential requirement in every household, especially during the hot and sultry summer season. Whether you are buying an indoor or an outdoor fan, from the Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in India, it will enable you to enjoy a cooling flow of breeze to stay comfortably inside the house. They are also a considerable saviour, especially after a long, tiring day at work.

However, with different models of fans available in the market today, it has become increasingly challenging to select the best. Below given is a detailed guideline that will help you shop for the ideal fans.

  • Choosing the size:-

    One of the best ways you can sort a suitable fan for your house is by knowing which size of fan you need. You can calculate the size by measuring the diameter of the circle which is made by the rotating blade. The bigger the room, the more prominent will be the fan size. Let us now take a look at the ideal size of the fan that you should buy from the best polar fan company in India according to the different rooms.

    For a small room like the laundry room, blade span should be less than 80 sq. ft.: 24-42″
    For a medium place like the office or the guestroom, the blade span can be 100-150 sq. ft.: 44-50
    For a standard-sized room, like a living room or a bedroom, a blade span of 150-300 sq. ft.: 52-60″ is okay
    Large rooms need a blade span of 300 sq. ft. or more: 62″

  • The cubic feet of airflow:-

    Also known as the CFM, this represents the chill factor, the effect which makes people feel more refreshing. You will require one which provides a high CFM, so that, whenever needed, you can turn down the thermostat for energy consumption. A high CFM is the result of an excellent working motor which runs on high energy content. However, this expense is very minimal compared to what air conditioners charge us. For the best and most effective results, you should buy High-Speed Ceiling Fans with a CFM of at least 6000-7000.

  • Motor:-

    Spending more money on a good quality fan is worth the expense than shelling cash on a brand new air conditioner. A fan with a high CFM and a smooth working motor works the best for every household. An engine exhibiting a better performance boosts the CFM level besides reducing the amount of noise and wobbling. Since a fan runs throughout the day, you should buy one which offers peace. Fans with DC motors are the latest model of the fan, providing an efficient motor technology and adequate airflow. While you buy fan online, purchase one with a motor which has a capacity of more than 200mm.

  • Blades:-

    While most people prefer buying low-cost ceiling fans, you should never compromise on the quality of blades. Be it a sleek, rectangular blade or traditional, oak coloured blades; the priority should be to examine its angle, number, and its functionality. In the market, you can discover blades with both four and five blades. Believing that more blades mean more generation of air will never work in your favour. Even the giant wind turbines have just three blades. However, four or five blades work more quietly and look very aesthetic to the eyes.

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