How Are Indoor Ceiling Fans Different From Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans

Did you know that your indoor low cost ceiling fans are very different from the outdoor ones? Read this blog and discover the dissimilarities between the two.

The biggest difference between an indoor and outdoor ceiling fan is their blades. Additionally, the mechanical features and materials of the high speed ceiling fans are very distinctive. Outdoor fans usually have a protective wood or plastic shield. While indoor fans have a lighter plastic layer. 

A Comparison Between The Two Fans 

Indoor Fans 

  • Indoor ceiling fans are significant for homes that lack air conditioning. Since they have lighter blades, indoor fans function well in such houses for moving the cool air around. It is always a good idea to place your ceiling fan in large, living spaces because it promotes airflow. Moreover, they also help in regulating the temperature. 
  • Secondly, indoor fans have a nice quality, but they are less weatherproof than outdoor fans. Inside our houses, fans rarely need to be weatherproof owing to stable weather conditions. Moreover, they also do not require waterproof coverings over their electrical wirings. However, that doesn’t indicate that you cannot use outdoor fans inside your use. 
  • Thirdly, indoor ceiling fans are meant only for indoor purposes. Thus, when you are selecting a new fan for your house interior, any 5-star rated fan will do. Further, if you reside in a humid, coastal region, make sure to buy a Dam or Wet-Rated Ceiling fan. These fans have better protection against moist air. 

Outdoor Fans 

  • Fans that are built for withstanding and functioning in an outdoor space are popular as outdoor fans. Furthermore, these outdoor spaces can be a patio, gazebo, porch, cabana or anything else. Ceiling fan companies manufacture outdoor fans in various styles, shapes and sizes. Some brands like Polar Electric also manufacture ceiling fans that intensify cooling and give it a proper definition. 
  • Depending on where you reside, outdoor fans can either be damp or wet-rated ceiling fans. These fans offer better service owing to their stronger materials as well as better coatings. Both the fan blades and their mechanical parts often have such components. Outside space can experience anything from wind to rain and extreme heat. 
  • Finally, outdoor ceiling fans usually contain plastic, wood or steel. These materials are generally weatherproof because of their protective coatings over their blades. The strong weatherproof plastic material is lightweight as well as durable against the harsh climate. Therefore, it all depends on how crazy the weather gets while selecting the ideal ceiling fan for your house. 


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