How Can You Save Time By Using Mixer Grinder Smartly?

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Smart use of the best online electrical appliances like mixer grinder not only saves time but also makes your work efficient. Read this blog and gain a complete insight into it. 

A mixer grinder makes our life easier. You can easily mix, grind and blend using a smart mixer grinder. It is a versatile kitchen appliance that easily does a variety of activities and reduces manual work. But you will have to choose the best mixer grinder from Polar Electric. 

Smart Ways For Using Mixer Grinder That Saves Time

  1. Meal Preparation

Meal preparation with the use of a mixer grinder is gaining momentum in Indian kitchens. One of the finest ways to save both money and time is to make bulk gravy in advance. 

  • Take a significant amount of tomatoes, green chilies and onion and saute them.  
  • Cool it down and place it in a blending jar to prepare a smooth cream. You can use this curry in shahi paneer and mushroom curry. 
  • People that are expecting guests can also combine some soaked cashews. 

This hack will help you keep sorted for the whole week. 

  1. Prepare Some On-The-Go Smoothies 

Summer is here and nobody likes to take a heavy breakfast in the morning. As a result, you can always consume smoothies that are light and full of nutrients. 

  • Put all your favoruite vegetables and fruits in the mixer grinder and blend them.
  • If you are making smoothies for a whole week, cut out adding ice to them. 
  • Then, put the blended smoothie into a freezer bag. 
  • Pour the contents into the blender whenever to want to consume them and combine milk or water. 
  • For getting a perfect consistency, use a powerful mixer grinder having 750 watts. 
  1. Make Various Chutneys In One Go

What are Indian households without chutneys? Why stick on one chutney when you easily prepare tons of them. Did you know that now you can easily prepare tomato, mint and tamarind chutney in the mixer grinder? 

  • Make sure not to add salt to your chutney to make them last.
  • Store it in the refrigerator for later use. Moreover, you can use them for one or two weeks. 
  • You may thaw the chutney one night before use and then add salt. 
  • When hosting a large crowd, this tip might help you serve a variety of chutneys.

Chutneys are a great alternative to serve alongside pakoras or saute vegetables. 

To Conclude

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