How Much Weight Is A High Speed Ceiling Fan Capable To Hold?

High speed ceiling fans

Do you ever think how much weight your low cost ceiling fans can hold? Read this blog and find out some interesting facts about your ceiling fan and its weight. 

Your high speed ceiling fan is not only responsible for maximizing cooling in your room. It also has another set of purposes including holding weight. If you are keen on knowing more about this, then continue reading this blog till the end. 

How Much Weight Can Ceiling Fans Hold?

First, it is important to know that you hang anything from a ceiling fan or a light fixture. Hence, the weight depends considerably on the ceiling fan box. The manufacturer rates each ceiling fan and they also pre-test them at an independent testing facility. Different fixtures possess different weights that they can hold. 

However, it is important to note that you usually should not place anything on the ceiling fan. If you are decorating for an occasion, simply add lightweight decor such as paper products. The initial electrical box rarely has designs to hold any extra weight. 

Secondly, the weight of your economical ceiling fan can sometimes be extra for electrical boxes. Moreover, it may depend on their mounting ways. This is why it becomes crucial that you mount a ceiling fan in the right way possible. 

Ceiling Fans And Their Electrical Boxes 

  • Determining whether your electrical box can support the weight of your ceiling fan. You will probably need protective boxes for electrical connections in any building. Often, these boxes hold the electrical fixture very well. Usually, electricians optimize metal and plastic boxes. 
  • They prefer plastic elastic boxes more because of their cheap and relatively inexpensive prices. Furthermore, plastic boxes are easy to use and consist of a natural insulating material. But they are not made for supporting a lot of weight and definitely not a ceiling fan.
  • In several cases, electricians may install a rough-in electrical box before working on the ceiling fixture. This is generally round and attaches to the ceiling joist with screws. Moreover, it can be made of plastic or metal. This type of box anchor is found in the drywall. 
  • Staring at your attic helps you to identify how to best support your ceiling fan. You do not need to attach the box to the joist but can add additional two-by-sixes between them. Further, the use of a rod system will not do any harm. All you need to do is adjust the position of the box. 


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