How To Maintain Your Clothes In Best Condition? Ironing & Washing Tips

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Proper care and maintenance will make your clothes last longer. The electric iron manufacturers have some effective tips to help you treat your clothes well for them to last longer.

When we go out shopping for new clothes, the fabric quality, comfortability, style, and designs are the most common things we check. But the best way to keep your clothes in perfect shape after repeated use is via proper maintenance. For keeping all the clothes in the best condition, it is imperative to engage in online shopping for the best home appliances. Longer lasting clothes mean more money in your pocket and less visits to malls. 

Key Steps For Making Your Clothes Long Lasting:

  • Ironing With Care And Patience:

We know you can simply sign up for laundry service and get all your clothes pressed to perfection. But if you do the math, and the amount you spend monthly on dry cleaning it can come as a shock.  Additionally, local vendors sometimes lose your clothes, there is a mismatch in delivering clothes to the correct address, etc. So, if you take out some time to iron your clothes at home, it can be an affordable and hassle-free solution. With the summers setting in, cotton will be the most commonly used fabric. Wearing cotton clothes without ironing will be a huge mistake. So, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to buy the best iron in India that has safety features and superior functionality.  There are different settings for irons and depending on the fabric quality. You can adjust it from cotton, linen, to wool, rayon, nylon, etc. 

Here is a little insight on how to iron your t-shirt right?

  1. Start from the bottom and move up to the collar gradually. 
  2. To avoid any type of crease, place your t-shirt on an iron board
  3. Make sure you do not press down too heavily on the t-shirt with the iron. As too much heat can deform the piece of clothing. 
  • Washing Clothes Correctly

When you buy clothes, there is always an instruction on the tag that tells you how to wash the item in an appropriate way. Make sure you keep in mind all the pointers if there are any special instructions. Some important laundering tips that can help your clothes be in great shape are:

  1. Wash your dark clothes inside out
  2. Invest in a drying rack such that your washed clothes can easily dry in the sun
  3. Use color-safe fabric wash not to damage or staining your clothes

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