How To Pick The Right Ceiling Fan For Cooling Our Indoor & Outdoor?

decorative ceiling fans

Refresh your existing style with smart ceiling fan designs. Also, know about the different variants of high speed ceiling fans. Which will be perfect for both indoor and outdoor.

A ceiling fan’s main function is to make the space comfortable by circulating cool air. The wide variety and style of different fans can spark up a lot of questions in your mind. The ever-evolving technology can definitely make you confused while purchasing a ceiling fan.  Specially when you are looking for fans that are perfect for indoor and outdoor requirements.  You need to consider a few features. Let us take a look in detail.

How Much Does A Ceiling Fan Cost To Operate?

There is no other mode of cooling your home more efficiently than with the help of a ceiling fan. Ordinary ceiling fans use about 70-80 watt power which is sufficiently high. You can reduce energy consumption with power saving fans.

Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Ceiling Fans:

There are three types of ceiling fans- dry, damp, and wet.

  • Ceiling fans with dry ratings have designs that are specific for indoor use only. They cannot be exposed to any moisture. You should not install them in outdoor conditions, or in a room where they will tarnish due to humidity. Dry-rated ceiling fans are common in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or foyers.
  • Damp ratings are ideal for areas that have indirect exposure to moisture, water, rain, or snow. They can handle moisture and dampness on occasion. They are great at keeping the air moving, circulating to keep you cool. The best use of these fans is in bathrooms, covered patios, kitchens, and porches.
  • Wet ratings can handle all kinds of weather, from intense rain to harsh, salty ocean breezes. This fan is used to beat the heat all summer long. You’ll find wet-rated ceiling fans in verandas, lanais, gazebos, pergolas, and exposed decks.

Decorative Ceiling Fans Can Upgrade Both Indoor & Outdoor Space:-

The evolving trends also deserve a changing outlook. Ordinary fans in its dull character can automatically ruin your beautifully crafted home interior as well as outdoor. Hence it is a necessity to choose a fan with an aesthetically pleasing design. A ceiling fan that seamlessly blends with your room, is all you need to raise some eyebrows in awe. You can choose from plenty of options like light-fixture ceiling fans, dual motor ceiling fans, gold enchanted, or fluorescent ceiling fans. 


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