How To Place Two Ceiling Fans Correctly In A Room?

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A fan is essential for maintaining the correct room temperature depending upon seasonal changes. Some tips to place more than two high speed ceiling fans in a room. 

Ceiling fans do not need any introduction. They are an important addition to every home. Ceilings fans help us keep our surroundings cool and comfortable in the absence of ACs. With the changing ages, there has been a huge upgrade of different types and styles of ceiling fans from high speed ceiling fans to decorative ceiling fans. Choosing the right ceiling fan for your rooms can be overwhelming since there are so many options available in the market.

How To Place Multiple Ceiling Fans In A Room?

The correct size of the fan matters. A 36 inch to 44-inch diameter fan can easily cool a 225 square foot room. For larger spaces, you can install a 52-inch larger diameter fan. If there is a disparity in choosing the right size, the place will lack efficient cooling. If you have a large living cum dining room, you might want to place two fans. However, you need to be very sure about the fans’ and the measurements of the room.

You can check this calculation using this method: Subtract the combined width of the 2 fans (104″) from the width of the longest wall (204″), which in your case leaves 100″ of space not occupied by the fans. Divide 100 by 4 to find out how far from each wall the blades will be (25″). Then divide the span of the fan by 2 to find the radius or center location of the fan (26″). Then, add the distance from the wall to the radius of the fan to locate the distance from the wall to position the fan mounting hardware on your ceiling. In this case that is 51″ (25″ plus 26″). This will leave 25″ from each wall to the blades and 50″ between the blades of each fan.

How To Maintain Safety With Electric Fans?

  • Register your new fan with the company’s manufacturer. This will make it easier for you to contact them in case of problems. In addition, if you find the product delivered is a faulty one, they will easily repair it or deliver a fresh one.
  • Do check the fittings of your ceiling fan blades cautiously. Wobbly ceiling fans can pose a grave danger.
  • Check the plugs, sockets from time to time for burn marks, or cracking sounds. If there are incidents of fuses blowing or circuit tripping, you need to contact an electrician ASAP.

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