How to Safely and Effectively Clean your Pedestal Fans?

It is crucial to devote some time to pedestal fan’s maintenance. Here are some cleaning tips that we are sure will benefit you to the maximum. So keep reading. 

For those who are searching for effective pedestal fan maintenance tips, you have come to the right place. 

Every single electrical appliance works to the best of their capabilities only if they undergo proper maintenance. Whether it is your essential mixer grinders, microwaves, induction cookers, or pedestal and ceiling fans, proper cleaning is a must. The level of air pollution is rising every single day, and all your appliances easily get covered in dust. So for high performance, it is important that you periodically clean, maintain, and if required give for servicing. 

During those hot summer months, a single ceiling fan is not enough for the whole room. Also if you are sitting outside on the porch or on an open terrace, pedestal fans come to use. With its in-built features that suit your preference and give you much comfortability, pedestal fans have become a common appliance in every household. 

However problems arise when the speed reduces, or the fan keeps stopping in between and there is no continuous flow of air. Though we usually think that there is a glitch in the appliance, in reality, the main reason for faulty performance is the settling of dust and dirt. 

How To Clean Pedestal Fans?

  • Safety Comes First:

Before settling down to clean, make sure you unplug all the electric gadgets. Unplugging from the socket and winding the cord will make your space clutter-free and also reduce the risks of any grave accidents. You should never be careless while working with electronic appliances. 

  • Taking Out Each Part: 

For thorough cleaning, it is mandatory to strip the parts of the fan. Remove the front grill, eliminate the blades and then unscrew the back of the grill from the joint of the pedestal. If you are doing it for the first time, you can ask someone’s help but if you work carefully it is not difficult. 

  • Vacuuming Thoroughly:

You can use a vacuum to remove all the dust and dirt. If you have not cleaned for a long time there will be lots to do. Another method is to use a cloth dipped in soapy water to wipe the blades. This can be an easier and effective approach. 

Accumulation of dust not only reduces the efficiency of the pedestal fan but also increases your bill.  Surprised? Actually, dust build-up can make the motors work harder. As a result, the electricity bill rises. So for lower power consumption, it is imperative to have a fixed cleaning schedule. 

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