How To Use Mixer Grinders For Indian Cooking? Easy & Quick Tips

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For preparing exotic cuisines it is important that you purchase quality online mixer grinders. Here is a list of all the delicious items that you can prepare. 

To make your pre-cooking preparations easy and hassle-free, you should definitely invest in the best online mixer grinder. We all have only 24*7 hours a day and therefore importance of controlling time efficiently is more important than ever. The only savior of this situation is multitasking. In this regard, we require products and appliances that are versatile and easy to use. Hence mixers are a savior. With such powerful cooking appliances, serving delicious and mouth-watering delicacies to families and guests will no longer be a hassle. 

Ways To Use Your Mixer Grinders

  • Healthy Milkshakes And Beverages: 

Sometimes it is a common practice to have breakfast with some kind of beverage after having water. Therefore having a refreshing and light milkshake will be the perfect fit.  You can make different types of milkshakes and sherbets if you have the best mixer grinder with you. 

  • Batter For Idlis And Dosas:

Idlis are a healthy vegetarian choice for breakfast, and its primary ingredients are rice and lentil batter. If you love South Indian food, we are sure this is a common dish in your home. The idli batter consists of idli rice and urad dal. You need to rinse the rice and urad dal with fresh water and let it soak for 4 to 5 hours. A powerful mixer grinder helps you the urad dal turning it into a soft and fluffy batter.

  • Biryani And Pulao: 

No celebration is complete without these amazing dishes. The perfect accompaniment to any occasion is a plate of mouth-watering biryani or a dish of pulao. To make tasty biryani, it will be better if you start preparing the masalas and the spice mixtures a day before. Just drop in all the whole spices- cardamom, strains, cloves, cinnamon in your mixer and grind it to a fine powder. We are sure this freshly prepared spice will add awesome flavors to your dish. 

Pro-Tip: For cleaning mixer grinders such that they run smoothly is to use baking soda to remove any odor. For removing dirt and also, grease use lemon extract and a liquid detergent. 


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