How To Use The Hot Water Geyser Effectively And Reduce The Bills?

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The process of heating water even in the best geysers can increase your bills if you do not do the task properly. Water heating also needs to follow some instructions. 

Even though we switch off fans and air conditioners during winters, sometimes the electricity bill is the same. Our high energy-consuming geyser does not allow the reduction of costs in our bills. Operating geysers properly can at least, save you from skyrocketing expenses. Know-how from the biggest geysers company in India

How To Save Money On Geyser Bills?

Change Your Geyser’s Thermostat Setting:

  • A thermostat in a geyser keeps the water at a desirable level by eliminating the power supply once it reaches the necessary temperature. Most geysers already have thermostats in them.
  • The ideal temperature range in a water geyser is 40-75 degrees. The default temperature setting is 60 degrees, which means going above will turn off the geyser. Keep changing your geyser’s thermostat setting and save your electricity bill.

Avoid Keeping Geyser On For Longer Durations:

  • A lot of people have the tendency of leaving the geyser on. This ultimately results in excessive electricity wastage. Once the water becomes warm, the power supply gets cut off automatically. After a certain time, hot water starts loosening the heat of the water.
  • Once the water temperature goes down by a certain digress, the thermostat becomes on. This on-off procedure keeps repeating the whole day, resulting in electricity consumption. So, it’s better to switch off the geyser when not in use. 

Choose Geyser Of The Right Size:

  • The size of a geyser is also an integral factor. An over-sizing geyser indicates heating extra water. That is not necessary. So, it is best to choose geysers according to your family. 
  • It would also be great if you take note of the consumption habit of each family member. This will help you to keep a record of how much water should you heat?

Choose Geysers With Star Rating:

  • Nobody ever buys an electric appliance without looking at the number of stars it got. If they do so, then they are simply putting their money to waste. Don’t make a fool of yourself and always buy geysers by looking at the number of stars it has got. 
  • 5-star geysers tend to consume less electricity while heating water. It also has much less heat loss. Try installing energy-efficient star geysers and save your monthly electricity bills. 


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