Is Your Ceiling Fan Clicking? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

Does your high speed ceiling fan clicking at times and produce a lot of noise as it ages? Then, here’s what you should do. Read this blog till the end to know more. 

Ceiling fans are a significant appliance for our house. Not only do they keep the room cool but also offer comfort from the humidity. However, it is our duty to keep our low cost ceiling fans new-like forever. If you have got a clicking ceiling fan, it is significant to fix this problem as soon as possible. 

Possible Causes Why Ceiling Fans Click

  1. Fan Blades That Are Broken 

One of the potential causes of a clicking fan noise is that the blades may have broken. This may happen if the fan has hit an object while spinning. Moreover, you can also remove the blades and check if any of them is bent or cracked. 

  1. Loose Motor Screws

Do not forget to check the screws of the fan’s motor to ensure that they are tight. Because loose motor screws can result in the fan clicking as well as wobbling. If the screws are slightly loose, you can tighten them with a screwdriver. However, in extreme cases, you must always consult an electrician. 

  1. Bending Motor Shafting 

Thirdly, your ceiling fan might also click because of a faulty motor shaft. You can check if this is causing trouble listening to the sound. You must quickly inspect the motor as soon as you hear a scraping or grinding noise. But if the sound is just a click, it can be because of something else. 

Steps To Fix Ceiling Fan Clicking

  • Identify the direction in which your fan blade rotates 

Check whether your ceiling fan spins anti-clockwise or clockwise. Furthermore, you will be able to spot this by checking a small label on the side of the motor housing. 

  • Flip the speed control switch 

If there is no label present on the motor housing, you can check your fan’s speed control switch. There are basically three settings on this switch: low, medium as well as high. 

  • Eliminate the motor housing cover 

Finally, you need to remove the motor housing cover. Usually, there are four screws that keep it in place. On removing them, keep them aside so you do not lose them. 

  • Prevent motor overheating

Last but not least, make sure to avoid your motor from overheating. Once the motor is cooled, remove the wire housing from all the wires around it. 


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