Reasons Why High-Speed Ceiling Fans Do Not Operate On All Speeds!

Do you also own a high speed ceiling fan that operates on one speed only? Then, this blog is your ultimate saviour. So, continue reading it till the very end. 

Generally, the bearings, as well as the capacitor, are the culprit of a faulty ceiling fan. Therefore, ceiling fan maintenance is necessary for boosting its efficiency. It also minimizes the replacement expense. Know how you can fix your low cost ceiling fans without having to spend a penny. 

Reasons Why Ceiling Fans Don’t Work On Slow Speed

  • Issues With The Capacitor

Such an issue may occur due to a faulty capacitor, especially when the fan is age-old. Since this issue is very common, one can easily fix it without any expert help. If your capacitor is not working properly, check it once and ensure that all the wires are fine. 

  • A Faulty Control Box

Most of the activities of a ceiling fan depend on its control box. If the problem is not inside the capacitor, it will definitely be inside the control box. Due to continuous operation, it might not be in a condition to work anymore. Furthermore, you can replace it for bringing back your fan’s functionality. 

  • Issues With The Motor Cap

You do not have to spend more on your fan’s control box. But if you are planning on replacing your fan, then that may cost you extra. If the issue doesn’t lie in either the control box or capacitor, you must check the cap of your fan motor. If neither of them works properly, this is where you experience speed issues. Further, you can fix such issues by simply replacing the cap. 

Possible Causes Why Ceiling Fans Stuck On High Speed

  1. Old Blades

Old blades of the ceiling fan may wobble that end up causing imbalance. One or more blades might get damaged or bent. In such a situation, it is a wise idea to inspect the blade to determine the exact damage and fix it accordingly. 

  1. Lubrication Loss

It is a common occurrence that the ceiling fan in our house suddenly stops working. One of the most probable causes can be the loss of lubrication. Because lubrication makes a tremendous difference in the performance of a ceiling fan. 

  1. Poor Capacitor 

A poor capacitor can end up causing serious problems in the fan. As a result, you must always have an eye over the capacitor and fix it as soon as possible. If none of these tips works, it’s time to replace your fan. 


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