Solutions To Fixing A Wobbly Ceiling Fans In Your Room

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Want to know how to balance a wobbly ceiling fans? Here are some tips on how to maintain the best online electrical appliances

High speed, decorative ceiling fans have become an essential addition to every room in India. After prolonged use, there can be few issues in the functioning of an ordinary fan. Wobbly ceiling fans are a cause of concern as these can be extremely dangerous. A little bit of wobbling is normal, but if your ceiling fan is clearly shaking, it can potentially come crashing down at any moment. 

What Causes For Wobbly Ceiling Fans?

There are a few reasons that cause the wobbling of a fan. The common causes include:

  • Imbalances in the fan blades or blade holders
  • Misalignment of blades
  • Excess dust accumulation 
  • Loose ceiling fan mounting

Here Are A Few Ways By Which You Can Find A Solution To Wobbly Ceiling Fans

  • Do check that there is no problem with the installation of the ceiling fan.
  • All the blades of the fan should be tightly screwed into the blade holder. 
  • Make sure to clean the ceiling fan properly such that there is no dust build-up. 
  • Run the fan to check the wobble and to dry the fan blades.
  • If the wobble persists, one of the blades may be out of alignment.
  • You will need to check blade alignment with a yardstick.  Measure the distance from the edge of any blade to the ceiling with a yardstick. 

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