Solving Consumer Queries And Doubts About Ceiling Fans

high speed ceiling fan troubleshooting

Whether it is high-speed ceiling fans or power saving pedestal fans, these are important additions. Read to solve your persisting queries. 

Electric ceiling fans became famous worldwide by 1920. It had a great market value till the 1930s. As the great depression took place, the sales of ceiling fans slowly faded in the United States. It became hugely popular in countries that have higher temperature conditions like India. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, etc. A lot of brands started offering different types of fans at different prices.

Fast forward to the 21st century, electric high speed ceiling fans have become far more advanced. Three-blade ceiling fans are more popular now as they have higher efficiency and circulate the perfect flow of air without making much noise. Fans with three blades come in different shapes and sizes as well. The economy of India is not that great so everyone cannot afford air conditioners. Ceiling fans are far more economical than air conditioners and that is why they have higher market demand. 

Here Are Some Ceiling Fan Queries That Consumers Often Ask

  • Does A Ceiling Fan Use A Lot Of Electricity?

An ordinary ceiling fan in our home has a rated power of 75W. Now let us calculate the amount of energy consumed monthly. For example, consider using this 75W fan for 12 hours a day. That means the power consumption amounts to (75*12) i.e 900-watt hour. If calculated for the whole 1 month, the ceiling fan alone will consume 27kWh of power. This equivalently converts to Rs 270 for the month. So, you can easily understand that for just one day turning on one ceiling fan in your entire room can make you invest 270 Rs. So, in order to save your hard-earned money, you need to install power saving fans

  • For How Long Can A Ceiling Fan Run Continuously?

Your ceiling fan can run 24 hours 7 days a week regardless of the heating or cooling setting. However, you should not neglect it if you hear any unconventional noise or if the fan disc becomes wobbly. These indicate there are some loose screws or some manufacturing defects. Get it verified by a professional electrician in order to avoid any kind of accident. 

  • Is A Ceiling Fan A Conscious Choice For Your Home?

A meticulous high-speed, low cost ceiling fan can make your home more comfortable and save every extra penny. Energy-saving low-cost ceiling fans can be your ultimate friend in this regard. Efficient blade designs that cancel noise, durable construction, and updated motor quality can pitch in to be your best summer companion. 

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