Start Your New Year with Smart New Electrical Home Appliances

The New Year is the time for new beginnings. The time of the year when you make resolutions to lead a healthier and a happier life. The time when you make essential changes to your living environment. And more importantly, the time when discounts on products are galore. Buying new domestic electrical appliance is a good start to that process. You might be living in a house which is filled with old appliances that guzzle up power and costs you an electric bill which skyrockets every month. That is why you need a change or rather a new beginning. Here are some of the essential appliances that you need to replace.

electronic home appliance

  • Ceiling fans – Efficiency is all about achieving similar to better results with less energy consumed. Typical ceiling fans in the present are made of a single phase induction electric motor. Most of them use more of aluminium to than copper. This makes them cheap, but highly inefficient. The result, most fans consume about 70-80 watts of electricity. The air delivery ranges amongst 230 – 250 cubic meters per minute. With BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) pushing for more energy efficient fans, designers are opting for copper rather than aluminium. This has resulted in an increase of efficiency and these fans are using power in the range of 40-50 watts of electricity.
  • Water heaters – Studies show that an efficient water heater has the potential to save its consumers a significant amount of energy and money. Armed with 2 brand new technological upgrade, heat and smart pump water heaters, homeowners can now save up to 30 -50 percent of energy. These water heaters are being hooked up directly to the electrical grid and they have the capability of turning the heater on when the grid is drawing the lowest power. Saving your cost by using the electricity only during hours of non-peak activity.
  • CFL light fixtures – This might not be a new one and you might already have a few CFL bulbs fitted in a few places , but changing every fixture of light in your house to CFL might save an homeowner up to 40 percent of your electricity bill. Be it light fixtures for the drawing room or the bedroom, you need to install these puppies everywhere in your house.
  • Induction plates – Research shows that the use of induction plates for cooking reduces the cost of energy bills by a significant amount in your house. The use of these plates on a regular full time basis will nullify the cost of LPG and on the other hand the cost electricity bills will go up. But if we do a comparative study, it is found that the cost of running a kitchen reduces significantly on induction plates.

This might be a lot to ask. Investing a significant sum of money for new appliances for your home. But investing in these electronic home appliances will definitely reduce your energy bills by the end of this year.