Step By Step Guide To Iron Your Shirt And Trouser Perfectly

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With summer setting in, we are sure you are planning to buy the best iron in India for ironing all your cotton and linen clothes. Learn how to iron your shirt and pant perfectly.

A few years earlier, ironing a shirt was an integral part of laundry. After washing, starching, drying the shirt, spraying water on it for better ironing was an important step. With the advent of the permanent press, ironing became a lost art through the 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, the popularity and comfortability of natural fabrics have been the key ingredients in returning people back to ironing boards for a much more polished appearance. Electric iron manufacturers in India are always in business as irons are a must in every house, no matter how much you invest in dry cleaning services. 

Some Tips To Help You Iron Your Shirts And Trousers Well:

  • Setting Up Your Iron Board: 

If you are already raising doubts about whether iron boards are necessary or not, we can assure you it is. With in-wall boards, you no longer have to think about storage, it can easily hide away when not in use. Also, they do not make any screeching noise with the traditional ones. Additionally, this state-of-the-art equipment comes with built-in electrical outlets to plug in your irons. This is safer and avoids a majority of accidents. 

  • Iron The Sleeves And Cuffs: 

Use a spray bottle to spray some water on your shirt and trouser and wait for a minute or two. This is important because you will be able to remove creases very easily.  Start with ironing the cuffs and sleeves of your shirt.  Cuffs will need to be unbuttoned, and the iron should movel around the buttons. At first iron the insides, then the outside. Next, flip the shirt over to iron the back of the sleeves. 

  • Iron The Yoke Of The Shirt: 

For a crisp look, you need to pay extra attention to the yolk of the shirt. The yoke is the top part of the shirt that forms a triangle. Slip the shirt to the narrowest part of the iron board and press the yolk flat, repeating with the opposite side.

  • Final Touches: 

Turn the shirt to its front and move the iron from the top of the shirt to the bottom along the entire front. Repeat it on the other side as well and ensure that there are no more creases. 

  • For Trousers: 

Lawyer trouser evenly on the iron board, wet the outer edges, and use the iron to gently press and use the iron to gently press along its length. If you are pressing a dark-colored trouser, make sure you are ironing with a light hand and not pressing it down. 

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