Surprising Ways In Which You Can Use Your Mixer Grinder

Your online mixer grinder is not in the kitchen only to make smoothies and pastes. Here are some unique recipes to make using mixer grinders so, check them out. 

Being one of the quintessential appliances in an Indian kitchen, the best mixer grinder is our everyday need. It is common to prepare idli batters or powder spices using them. However, sometimes we underutilize a mixer grinder and fail to use it to its true potential. But not anymore with this comprehensive guide.

Uncommon Delicacies To Prepare Using A Mixer Grinder 

  1. Mayonnaise 

Don’t we all love to dip our sandwiches in the yummy mayonnaise? Have you ever thought about preparing it at home? If not, then you must think. Using efficient mixer grinders like Polar, you can easily make creamy mayonnaise at home. All you need to do is add lime juice to an egg, salt, garlic and a drop of oil. Blend it smoothly to get an emulsified result. 

  1. Nut Butter 

Store-bought peanut and almond butter contain more than 50 per cent palm oil and sugar. These are one of the worst junk foods and may have a potential danger to your health. So, why not prepare nut butter at home? Simply, toast the nuts and pulse them into a mixer grinder until it is crushed evenly. Once you get the oil from the nuts, make sure to make creamy butter. 

  1. Whipping Eggs and Cream

We mostly use a hand blender for whipping eggs as well as creams. But you can do this easily using your revolutionary mixer grinder. Firstly, make sure to keep the cream and mixer grinder jar inside the freezer. This will prevent the jars from heating up while whipping. Further, add frozen cream and run it for a minute or two. Your smooth, delectable cream is ready to taste!

  1. Baby Foods

A number of newbie parents spend a lot on baby food processors. Instead of buying such expensive instruments, you can simply make baby food in your multifunctional mixer grinder. Additionally, use the jar to blend wheat, ragi, rice or other grains. And you can easily prepare porridge or mash fruits and vegetables to make your baby’s food. 

  1. Grating Vegetables 

The fast-paced world has no time for manual graters. Moms who are already late for work constantly look for kitchen appliances that make their work faster. Hence, nowadays you can optimize your mixer grinder to chop vegetables like beetroot and carrot. So, you can use these 1-inch-sized chunks in your foods easily.


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