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What Is The Importance Of Ceiling Fans In The Cooler Months?

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Buy ceiling fans in India from the best brand in the market. Understand how these fans can be useful even during the cooler months of the season. 

Do you know you can use ceiling fans all year round? Surprised? Well, your fan can actually work to make you feel warmer. 

It is true that ceiling fans do not lower the temperature of the room. We know from first-hand experience that wind and circulating air make us feel cooler. This is caused by a wind-chill effect on the skin. A ceiling fan can also make you feel warmer, not with the wind itself, but by using the fan to move warm air near the ceiling down to the living spaces below.

Do Ceiling Fans Save Energy in Cooler Months?

Compared to an air conditioner, the most economical ceiling fans are basically free to run. Costing only a few cents at most per hour, it makes economic sense to use the cooling and warming powers of a fan all year. Everybody knows how fans make you feel cool in summer, but what about winter?

  • When winter sets in, the floors are freezing while the air near the ceiling and upper levels is warm.
  • On the contrary,  in summer, the ground floors are comfortable enough, but the upper stories and attic can be intolerable.
  • Reversing the ceiling fan makes the air go up and down the wall, helping to redistribute the heat down to the floor.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Ceiling Fans And Power Saving Fans?

  • Regular ceiling fans are usually built with an AC Induction motor. These ceiling fans consume nearly 75W of power and some older fans can consume even 90W. This definitely adds to your already mounting electricity bills. The biggest setback is the large brand manufacturers are still promoting these inefficient fans. The reason behind this is the low operational costs and lack of urge to implement new technology for better products.
  • The best online electric appliances have enhanced technology to reduce power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency grants 5 stars to these fans for their high performance and their ability to consume less power. Their electricity consumption is about 50W. Thus, these fans are adept at saving more than half of the power consumed by regular ceiling fans. This is a win-win situation as you get both comfort and savings at the same time. 


To avail of the best products, it is imperative you trust the best brand, Polar. Modern ceiling fans with automatic control and stylish finish have been able to replace conventional fans. Polar fans offer you a wide range of options to choose the correct one with the latest technology and unique design.

How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

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Do you want your ceiling fans to work perfectly all throughout? Then, buy ceiling fans in India from the best brand and allot time to deep clean them. Here are a few tips for you.

Ceiling fans are the most popular appliance in every Indian household. The tropical weather of the country calls for its excessive usage with the fans spinning every hour of the day in the summer months. It makes the room fresh, airy, and comfortable. 

Whenever there is any problem regarding the proper working of the ceiling fans. The only thing that we do is go to buy another high speed ceiling fan to replace the old ones. But do you know that negligence in keeping the ceiling fans clean can lead to its slowing speed or effective functioning? Yes, it is true that the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grease can make your ceiling fans useless.  Continue reading How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

Know About the Purchase Tips for the Modern Ceiling Fans

ceiling fans manufacturer in IndiaFor a very long period, as you all know, ceiling fans have been providing great support to human beings. But you need to know the tips to buy ceiling fans in India. To take off a headache, you need to decide on the type of fan, based on the size, color, shape, and features which are available in the market. To fit wants and requirements of the people, these exotic fans provides lots of great features. The manufacturer of the ceiling fans has given new designs to the fans. There are lots of additional features which has been given to these ceiling fans. Before going on to buy these ceiling \fans, you need to take into consideration for buying these fans.

Continue reading Know About the Purchase Tips for the Modern Ceiling Fans

How Can You Calculate the Wattage of A Ceiling Fan?

How Can You Calculate the Wattage of A Ceiling FanBefore buying a ceiling fan from the ceiling fans manufacturer in India and installing it, you must know certain things like how to calculate its wattage, etc.

A watt is the unit of power or energy that an electronic device or an appliance uses. Almost all household appliances and ceiling fans are marked clearly how many watts these consume. You must know the wattage of the fan you have installed in your room as this is important in the areas where the electricity rates are on the higher side. When buying the fan from the ceiling fans manufacturer in India, just remember to check whether the power consumption is marked on it or not. If it is not mentioned then also it is possible to calculate it and determine its power consumption rate. All the you need to know is the method to calculate it.

Continue reading How Can You Calculate the Wattage of A Ceiling Fan?

Why Buying Superior Quality Ceiling Fan Makes Such A Difference?

If you take advice from any ceiling fans manufacturer in India then you will hear that they will ask you to opt for superior quality of ceiling fans instead of inferior ones.  So, here are some qualities which you can find in high-quality ceiling fans.

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You might have heard it before and according to that you have installed and bought the ceiling fan.  Though it’s difficult to choose between a high quality or a low-quality ceiling fan.

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Explore the Ways to Save Energy with Ceiling Fans This Summer

Summer is already here and you have probably started to operate your AC almost day and night but does your electricity consumption is going beyond line? But if you want to kick out your air condition then you actually doing a wise thing. In the middle are you planning to buy fan online? Don’t wait and buy online ceiling fans now.

Buy Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans actually save a lot of energy and consume only 60 watts whereas an air conditioner almost consumes 3,000 watts of energy. Thus, even if you switch off your AC half of the day and switch to ceiling fan then a lot of power can be saved.

Saves lots of Energy usage

If you want to buy ceiling fans in India then it’s absolutely a correct decision as because you can save a lot of energy consumption when it comes about opting for a ceiling fan. Continue reading Explore the Ways to Save Energy with Ceiling Fans This Summer