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How Should You Care For Your Mixer Grinders Correctly?

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Bring the best mixer grinders for your kitchen and cook delicious items in half the time. But do remember to clean it properly. Follow some tips here. 


Mixer grinders are very important for anyone who is working in the kitchen. They help to make your cooking process easier and also ensure that you do not spoil any of the powders, pastes, or seeds that are the primary requirements in different dishes. Furthermore, there are Polar juicer mixer grinders that provide additional help in making fresh juices and deliver straight to the breakfast tables. 


Maintenance Tips To Ensure An Extended Life For Mixer Grinders:


  • Lemon peels are very effective to clean utensils, especially if you want to remove the smell from it. So the next time you use your mixer to grind, say, a ginger garlic paste, simply take some lemon peel and rub it on the inside of the utensil, let it rest for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off. The pungent smell will be gone for good.
  • Instead of rubber gloves, use wooden or stainless steel spoons when scooping out contents from your mixer. This prevents the individual from getting infected by bacteria which can lead to skin infections if proper hygiene is not maintained while working in the kitchen. 
  • One of the most effective ways to clean a flour mixer grinder is by filling it partially with warm water, soap powder, and dishwashing liquid. This formula will remove even odor but works great for stubborn stains.
  • By pouring vinegar into your blender you can also remove sticky tracks from wooden surfaces like chopping boards which are very common when cooking curry dishes especially fish curries (stir-fry). Vinegar does not only act as a stain absorbent but also as a deodorizing agent that ripens the food.


Safety Tips:


  • Make sure the power button and also the main power supply button are turned off when you are loading ingredients into the mixer.
  • Ensure the lid is tightly closed before starting the appliance.
  • Do not allow children to handle the mixer. For easy operation, keep the machine away from direct heat and sunlight, at a suitable height on a flat surface.
  • For safety and stability, place the appliance on a flat platform.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended when it’s in use.
  • Do not add ingredients that are too hot to the jars, as it may damage the blades and the jar walls.
  • Fill the Jar only ¾th of its capacity to avoid spilling.


Want to buy a mixer grinder online? If yes, you should trust the brand Polar. They design durable and affordable appliances that reduce your time in the kitchen. 

The Best Uses Of Mixer Grinders: Ideas To Make Delicious Recipes

best mixer grinder

Indian delicious food recipes is incomplete without masalas, chutneys, purees, etc.  Bring home Polar’s best mixer grinders to make your kitchen work easier.

Previously, our grandmothers managed everything manually from chopping vegetables, grinding spices, blending, and cooking. Though we still love her special, unique and delicious dishes, it is difficult to spend long hours in the kitchen given our busy schedule. Thus, the best mixer grinder in kolkata can be a savior. From using grinding stones, mortar, and pestle to using mixer grinders and juicers, we all have come a long way now. Be it the advanced features, designs or styles, and powerful systems, our kitchen appliances have come a long way. 

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Things You Should Never Put In your Mixer To Maintain Its Quality

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Prepare your favorite recipes without spending elaborate hours in the kitchen. Buy best quality juicer mixer grinders online from reputed electric appliance brands in India.

Mixer grinders are the most common kitchen gadget that finds use in every kitchen. Whether you want to make a  quick, healthy smoothie or want to prepare a tasty chutney, a mixer can make your work simple. These days life has become dependent on machines, and it is impossible to imagine working without them. However, every gadget has its own limitation and the mixer grinder is no different. So before you buy a mixer grinder online, make sure you are aware of the basic rules on how to use them. 

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