The Best 10 Ceiling Fans in India and their Benefits

Best 10 Ceiling FansCeiling fans are an important part of an electrical appliance in every household. Here is a list of best 10 power-saving fans which are also economical.

Ceiling fans are a necessary electrical appliance in every household. It is also a very underrated product and talked about very less. One chooses to buy any ceiling fan without carefully evaluating the features or types.  There is a lot to think and research about before purchasing a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans come in variable types and price range. In order to save up on the electricity bills, one needs to purchase a power-saving fan.  These fans will not only cut off the electricity bill by a great deal but also save power.

While buying a ceiling fan, one needs to set up a budget and decide what kind of ceiling fans do they want. Ceiling fans are available in the market from a very early era but now they have evolved into so many different shapes and kinds.

Advantages of the Best 10 Ceiling Fans:-

  • Anti-Dust Kayano Ceiling Fan:-

    The new anti-dust Kayano ceiling fan is a revolutionary ceiling fan. Normal anti-dust fans attract 50% less dust whereas these anti-dust Kayano ceiling fans attracts 60% less dust.

  • New Winpro Electric ceiling fan:-

    These fans are scientifically and aerodynamically designed in such a way that the blades are wider at the tips. The new winpro fans compliment the rich decor and contemporary interiors and also comes with a four year warranty period.

  • Optimo Electric Ceiling Fan:-

    These fans are first 45 inches fan that delivers air worth 48 inches. They have an aesthetically pleasing look with a metallic finish.

  • Megamite Electric Ceiling Fan:-

    These fans look very attractive and stylish. They are very affordable and comes with golden embellishment all over. These fans have a bicolour finish which makes it look extremely luxurious.

  • Boxter Electric Ceiling Fan:-

    The Boxter fans are for retro lovers. These fans have a retro design and have a wider tip. They come with an innovative motor design.

  • Corvette Electric Ceiling Fan:-

    These fans have a design in a way to compliment modern interiors. They have a two-toned metallic finish and a wider blade tip which ensures high air circulation. It comes with a hi-speed motor and is extremely energy efficient.

  • Energy Saving Ceiling Fan:-

    This is an energy-saving fan that comes with a clean, elegant design. The motors of this fan have an aerodynamical design in such a way that even in low voltage, they provide hi-speed.

  • Marbella Electric Ceiling Fan:-

    These are more of the classic ceiling fans that come with a wider blade and sleek design. They have a two-year warranty period.

  • Pavilion Deco Ceiling Fan:-

    These fans are extremely economical and save a great deal of power. The ribbed blades provide excellent airflow. They come with an elegant design too. You can buy decorative ceiling fan online. 

  • Pazero Ceiling Fan:-

    These fans are high power fans that provide a better experience than traditional fans. The motor of these fans is also extremely powerful.

Where to Purchase them?

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