The Best Hacks and Cleaning Ingredients for Your Mixer Grinders

polar best mixer grinderAre you currently confused about how to clean your mixer grinders at home? Are you facing problems about how to maintain it? Read the blog to clear all your doubts.

Life now is so much dependent on gadgets and automated technology that it is impossible to imagine working without them. Mixer grinders are the most common kitchen gadget that is used almost every single day. For the smooth functioning of all-electric appliances, proper maintenance and cleaning are very important. Even if you have the best mixer grinder in India, to keep it in good shape can become tricky at times. 

So, we have listed down the procedures to clean your powerhouse grinder. 

Here is a list of top 5 ways to clean your mixer Mixer Grinder:-

  • Use Baking Soda:-

    A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders for cleaning your mixer grinders. The mixture should be of the consistency of a paste. Apply this paste on the grinder and keep it for 15 minutes. After the stipulated time is over, wash it well with clean and clear water. So, can you compare your old greasy mixer to its brand new clean avatar now? Another advantage is baking soda not only cleans the dirt and grease but also makes it devoid of a bad order. 

  • Lemon Extracts to Your Aid:-

    1. First, collect the juice of the lemon and store the citrus peels in an airtight container.
    2. When your jar is full, cover the peels with vinegar.
    3. Leave it for 2 weeks and then strain the peels.
    4. If you want you can dilute with water.
    5. Finally, put it in a spray bottle

    Thus, now you can use this citrusy lemon solution to clean your mixer grinder. This works best for any other best electrical appliances that you bought online

  • Resort to Liquid Detergent:-

    Mix an adequate amount of the liquid detergent in water. Make sure you give it a proper swirl to form a lather. Take a kitchen towel and dip it in the mixture. Use this mixture to clean the outside of the mixer. This method is effective in cleaning the body of the mixer really well. 

  • Alcohol Can Also Be Your Saving Grace:-

    Mix 4 parts of rubbing alcohol with 2 parts of water and store it in a spray bottle. Now you can easily spray this solution on your mixer grinder. Watch how quickly your appliance turns shiny again. This solution also helps in reducing the pungent smell that occurs due to the accumulation of all cooking ingredients. Moreover rubbing alcohol can reduce the growth of bacteria too. 

  • Disinfect Using Bleach:-

    Thes uses of a mixer grinder are numerous. Therefore every effort to clean the most useful appliance should be made. You can use a mild bleaching agent that can effectively clean and it is not harmful. 

    1. Fill the mixer jar with lukewarm water and add ½ teaspoon chlorine bleach.
    2. Mix water and rinse it well. 
    3. Let it stand a few more minutes, before discarding the solution.
    4. Then rinse the empty jar a couple of times with slightly warm water. 

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