The Major Differences Between Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans The two most useful kinds of fans are exhaust fans and ceiling fans. Both of them are used for different purposes and are very different from each other. You can buy ceiling fans as well as buy exhaust fans in India at a very low price.

The two major kinds of fans used widely across India are ceiling fans and exhaust fans. They are the most used electric appliances in every household. To be precise, you can find both of these fans at almost every building. Both of these fans are very useful and convenient for the households. Now, you can buy ceiling fans as well as buy exhaust fans in India at a very low price in the comfort of your home. Though they are very useful and fall in the same category they serve different purposes. There are a whole lot of differences between ceiling fans and exhaust fans. This post will discuss about these differences.

Why Ceiling Fans & Exhaust Fans are Dissimilar to Each Other:-

  • Physical Difference:-

    The most obvious difference is the physical appearance of both fans. Electric Ceiling fans are simple, circular fans with blades and exhaust fans are rectangular or square shape fans.

  • Placement:-

    This is another visible difference of both the fans. Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling right in the middle of a room whereas exhaust fans are mounted on the top corner of the walls.

  • Blades:-

    The blades of the exhaust fans are enclosed in the cage or duct whereas the blades of the ceiling fans are free. Also, the blades of exhaust fans are shorter than ceiling fans.

  • Purpose:-

    This is the major point of difference. They both serve different purposes. A proficient ceiling fan can always make sure to maintain your room cool and cheerful. High-speed ceiling fans circulate air all over the space, which creates the cooling and blowy effect. This does not let the users feel hot whereas an exhaust fan is used to get rid of the damp and moist air in a bathroom or kitchen. Exhaust fans filter out the moist air through the air duct or charcoal filter and protect the space from getting greasy.

  • Decoration:-

    Well, exhaust fans are not particularly exciting to look at and they don’t serve any decorative purposes. But, there are a lot of decorative ceiling fans available in the market which looks very sleek and cool.

  • Power Consumption:-

    Ceiling fans consume a little more power and electricity than exhaust fans. Since they both serve different purposes; the electricity consumptions are also different. An exhaust fan is also known as a power-saving fan.

These are some of the major differences between exhaust fans and ceiling fans. Both of these fans are highly beneficial to users. If you want to look for low-cost ceiling fans or exhaust fans without being compromised on the quality then browse through Polar India’s website and get the fan of your choice.