The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Fans and Ceiling Fans

most economical fans in indiaPeople often get confused between pedestal fans and ceiling fans and which one is a power-saving fan. Read this blog to know the pros and cons of both fans.

Fans are an essential component of every household and to be precise of every infrastructure in India. The weather is humid in this country almost throughout the year. The summer months are quite debatable considering the fact that the fans need to cool the rooms while the cooling bills need to below. Keeping the air conditioner switched on for a long time can produce ridiculously large bills. While, if you don’t choose a power-saving fan then the electricity bill won’t be any less as well.

It is quite confusing to choose between pedestal fans or ceiling fans. Both of the fans have their pros and cons. They are quite different in nature and yet serve the same purpose. In order to get the best pedestal fans in India and ceiling fans, you need to carefully analyze the pros and cons. In this blog, we will discuss the merits and demerits of both pedestal fans and ceiling fans. Continue reading this blog to find out more.

The Pros of Ceiling Fans:-

  • Ceiling fans are capable of lowering the temperature of the surrounding by at least 4-5 degrees regardless of any circumstances. An ideal ceiling fan should be able to reduce the overall temperature by at least 8 degrees. You don’t need to open or close your windows or do anything for a ceiling fan to function.
  • Ceiling fans can rotate in reverse direction: In summers, ceiling fans rotate in a counter-clockwise direction and pushes air downwards while in winters a ceiling fan should rotate clockwise and pull air upwards.
  • They are the most economical fans: Ceiling fans consume way less electricity and produce very low electricity bills as compared to air conditioners or coolers. You can get high speed, low-cost, decorative ceiling fans anywhere.

The Cons of Ceiling Fans:-

  • They can be noisy sometimes: Ceiling fans can be extremely noisy sometimes and it is very annoying. While this may be the case with only some of them, still it is a con.
  • They are not easy to clean: Ceiling fans are not very easy to clean. But, now with have anti-dust ceiling fans which attract little to no dust.
  • They are hard to install: Ceiling fans are also very complicated and tough to install.

The Pros of Pedestal Fans:-

  • Pedestal fans reach a higher height: These type of fans has a long stand and as a result, they circulate airflow in large spaces.
  • They are cheap: Pedestal fans are extremely affordable and cheaper than ceiling fans.
  • They are stronger: Pedestal fans are stronger and powerful than most fans available out there.

The Cons of Pedestal Fans:-

  • They take up space: Pedestal fans take up a lot of space and that is why they are not ideal for small spaces.
  • They circulate air in one direction: Pedestal fans circulate air only in one direction at a time.
  • Safety hazard: These fans can also be a safety hazard as kids can put their fingers through the cage while the fan is on.

These are some pros and cons of both the fans. Now you can analyze them and decide which fan to purchase. Check out the website of Polar India as they have the best online electrical appliances.