These Tips Can Help You Fix The Drooping Blades Of Your Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan in room

Do the blades of your low cost ceiling fans also droop very often? Here are some tips and tricks that can help you fix them in an efficient way. So, read more. 

If there is an inexpensive way to get the maximum comfort during summers, it is a high speed ceiling fan. However, their constant use can end up making the blades lose. These hanging blades may cause the entire fan to behave erratically. A permanent solution to this problem is hidden inside the blog, so continue reading. 

How To Align Hanging Ceiling Fan Blades? 

Follow these steps and fix your hanging ceiling fan blades in no time. 

  • Use a firm ladder to access your fan. Ask a family member to hold the ladder’s base to avoid falling while you are working on the appliance. 
  • Secondly, inspect every blade and the irons connecting the blades to the fan’s hardware. Even the slightest cracks or damage to the blade irons determine that it’s time to replace it rather than straighten it. If you attempt to straighten damaged blade irons, you can end up injuring yourself. 
  • Use a screwdriver to fix the screws securing the blades to the primary fan assembly. Depending on the ceiling fan type and model, there can be two or three screws for each blade.
  • Wipe the blade surface with a damp cloth. Make sure to clean both sides of the blades to avoid them cutting through the air with more ease. 
  • Place a piece of masking tape onto every blade’s visible surface. Further, number every blade sequence wise using a pen. 
  • Calculate the distance from the tip of the first blade to the ceiling using a measuring tape. Jot down the calculated value on the blade’s masking tape. 
  • Here, you will need to repeat step 5 for the remaining blades. This will eventually bring each blade to the position of the first blade. Furthermore, blades lying below the ceiling fan must be bent upward for straightening the hanging. Pushing the blades upward can slightly bend the irons. 
  • Additionally, place a fan blade with a larger measured value in comparison to the other blades. 
  • Next, hold the fan motor with one hand and press the drooping tip slightly upwards with the other one. 
  • Ensure that all distances between fan blades are equal. 
  • Now, you can peel the masking tape from each blade. 
  • Finally, activate the ceiling fan at the wall switch. Carefully notice the motion of the blade. Now it must not be drooping anymore. 


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