Things You Should Never Put In your Mixer To Maintain Its Quality

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Mixer grinders are the most common kitchen gadget that finds use in every kitchen. Whether you want to make a  quick, healthy smoothie or want to prepare a tasty chutney, a mixer can make your work simple. These days life has become dependent on machines, and it is impossible to imagine working without them. However, every gadget has its own limitation and the mixer grinder is no different. So before you buy a mixer grinder online, make sure you are aware of the basic rules on how to use them. 


Things That You Should Avoid Mixing In A Blender And Grinder:


  • Hot Liquid: We know a bowl of hot soup will taste delicious on a cold, wintery night. Especially, if you have a kid at home, your soup should be of the right consistency and the mixer grinder can help you make a smooth paste. However, it is not advisable to pour in the hot soup or any hot liquid in the blender directly. Even if you buy the most costly mixer grinder online, such an act will definitely ruin your appliance. You should wait for the liquid to cool down for 5-7 minutes and then pour it into the mixer. 
  • Ice Cubes And Frozen Fruits: For a standard blender, ice cubes can be extremely difficult to blend down. The problem with such hard cubes is, there is always a risk of breaking them or losing the sharpness. This happens when trying to blend super frozen fruits. The mixer container can break, splashing chunks of glass or plastic everywhere. However, if you have a premium mixer grinder, make sure you check the manual carefully to understand the limitations. 
  • Starchy Food Items: Starchy vegetables like potatoes, do not fare well in the mixer grinder. The blades and speed will overwork the potatoes which will increase the release of starch. So, instead of enjoying delicious mashed potatoes, all you will get is a gooey mess. Use your masher instead of a blender in this case. 
  • Whole Spices And Coffee Beans: Peppercorns, nutmeg, and other whole spices should not be blended in a mixer grinder. There are different appliances like a mortar and pestle to grind whole spices. Also for evenly grounded coffee, use a coffee grinder instead. The mixer grinder is not the best solution for this as the blades can lose their sharpness. 

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