Top 5 Ways In Which Your Indian Cooking Uses Mixer Grinders!

Your Indian cooking calls for an efficient online mixer grinder. This blog has a collection of amazing dishes that you can make using mixer grinders. So, read more. 

Cooking nowadays has become extremely easy as well as fast. And all the credit goes to revolutionary electronic kitchen appliances. Everything from chopping, mixing and pureeing is now just a matter of a few minutes. However, none of this would have been possible without the best mixer grinder by your side. This is why most people prefer Polar mixer grinders. 

5 Innovative Indian Recipes Made Using Mixer Grinders 

  1. Gravies and paste 

Without a thick gravy, Indian foods have no taste and authenticity. A perfect mixer grinder makes it convenient to blend spices as well as other ingredients. Its different speed settings also help you to adjust the consistency. Besides, purees and juices are no big deal with this inventory kitchen appliance. From beet juice to chocolate milkshakes, you can prepare almost anything. 

  1. Homemade Indian masalas 

Have you ever come across an Indian dish without a pinch of masala in it? Why opt for synthetically-flavoured spices when you can prepare an authentic one? Using an effective mixer grinder like Polar’s, you can brew different types of spices. Some classic instances include Garam masala, Malvani masala and Cumin powder. Simply, add them to your food to get a delectable taste. 

  1. Chutney recipes 

Some Indian starters are incomplete without chutneys in them. Snacks like tikkas, cutlets and kebabs always demand a tangy, chutney with them. Moreover, you can use your mixer grinder to make these recipes that are worth drooling over. All you need is to combine a number of vegetables as well as spices. Famous ingredients that one can use for preparing chutneys are tomato, mint, tamarind, lemon juice, peanuts, etc. 

  1. Grinding sugar 

Aren’t we all little bakers inside? A number of confectionary items need granulated sugar while some others need fine sugar. Powerful mixer grinders help you to grind your sugar into a fine powder form and store it for future use. Thereby, saving your time and energy. Hence, you don’t have to run to the grocery shop every now and then and have everything ready. 

  1.  Idli-Dosa Batter 

When talking about mixer grinder recipes, how can we forget about South Indian delicacies? Working people prefer idli and dosa as the most optimum breakfast options because it is easy to make. Use your efficient mixer grinders to prepare a smooth batter using urad daal and water. You’re now ready to serve some mouth-watering dosas and idlis.


These points barely scratch the effectiveness of a mixer grinder. Own the most assorted range of power-saving mixer grinders from Polar Electric. Not only that, but they are also the leading producer of the best online electrical appliances. So, what are you waiting for?