Top Ceiling Fans From Polar For Maximum Cooling This Summer!

high speed ceiling fan

Indian summer continues to raise its temperature. Beat the heat this summer with low cost ceiling fans exclusively from Polar Electric. Continue reading to know more.  

Using an air conditioner all throughout the hot days can make a giant hole in your pocket. In such situations, the most economical solution is to buy decorative ceiling fans. Not only are they affordable, but also provide the necessary cooling. Here are two fans that are an absolute must for your house this summer. 

Polar’s Exclusive Range Of Ceiling Fans

  1. Corvette Core Brown 

Known for their efficient designs, speed and style, Polar Fans are a perfect fit for every commercial space. This affordable fan also has the power to produce 235 CMM of air. The key attributes of Corvette core brown -1200mm c/f are as follows:

  • There is an annular deco ring present on the motor periphery
  • For the highest air delivery, this ceiling fan has a wider blade tip
  • Metallic contrast blade trim gives it a retro look
  • Powder-coating ensures a long-lasting alluring finish
  1. Polar Boxster Fan In Golden Dune – Metallic Brown

Your summers are incomplete without the new Polar Boxster Fan. Not only does it provide essential cooling but also adds a stylish touch to your space. This economical ceiling fan consumes 50 per cent less energy in comparison to other electrical appliances. Key features include:

  • Has an extraordinary bottom cover with decorative circular trim
  • Broader blade tip
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Contemporary blade trim designs

Why Should You Install Efficient Ceiling Fans In Your Home’s Living Spaces?

Both cooling and heating account for 47% use of energy in a household. People having an air conditioner can simply practice energy conservation by installing power-efficient ceiling fans. The living space of your house attracts the maximum number of people. As a result, it is going to be congested and less airy. You can reduce your electricity bills with these cost-saving fans and install them without any worries. 

Studies have proven that ceiling fans optimize substantially less electricity than your aid conditioner. This allows you to increase the setting of your thermostat during the summer months. Especially, by four degrees Fahrenheit without any reduction in your comfort. Furthermore, you can conserve as much as one per cent per degree on your bill. With so many advantages, don’t you want to bring these masterpieces into your home? 


Ceiling fans are a must-have for every house, office or commercial space. They never go out of style because of their cost-effectiveness. Buy high speed ceiling fan from Polar Electric at prices that will make you want them even more. So, don’t wait for too long to experience the benefits of such quintessential electrical appliances. Visit the nearest Polar store today!