Ultimate Choice for Saving Power: Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

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Is the soaring temperature giving you unsleeping nights? Channel the normal fans. Buy for powerful, low cost high-speed, power-saving fans in India. Ceiling fans are the best way to keep an eye on your pocket as well as your comfortability. Why? Because fans use less electricity than air conditioners. 

But Do You Know How Much Energy Your Everyday Ceiling Fans Use?

We know that queries and questions about energy consumption are endless. But only a few correct answers. But in this post, you will gain a fair bit of information about how much energy an average ceiling fan uses. 

Energy Consumption of An Ordinary Ceiling Fan:-

  • Regular ceiling fans are usually built with an AC Induction motor. These high-speed ceiling fans consume nearly 75Watts of power and some older fans can consume even 90Watts. 
  • The large problem is brands are still encouraged these incapable high power energy ceiling fans. The main reasons are the low working value and lack of instance to appliances new technology for better products.

If You Are Still Unaware of Your Fan’s Electricity Consumption, This Is What You Can Do:-

  • For correctly measuring, you will first need to know the wattage of your fan. If you have a new fan, the cover will have the label. If it’s an old one, you will need to climb up a ladder and take a sneak peek, there should be a sticker on your fan model. 
  • Next, you require to increase the number of watts needed to capacity your ceiling fan by the value per kilowatt-hour cost also, that you have to pay for your electricity company.

Factors on Which Power Consumption of Ceiling Fans Depend:-

  • The size of the fan and the mortar
  • The type and style of fans you are using: A fan with light will require more power. 
  • Also, the older fan more will be its energy consumption.
  • Also, usage plays an important role, keeping the switches on when not at home can again contribute to a high electricity bill. 

How Power Saving Ceiling Fans Can Help Reduce Your Bills?

Power saving, high speed ceiling fans deploy enhanced technology to reduce power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency grants 5 stars to these fans for their high performance. Their electricity consumption is about 50W. The trick is in technologically upgrading the fan such that it uses less power. 

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