Useful Tips And Hacks For Maintaining Ceiling Fans At Home

high speed ceiling fan

Is the soaring temperature giving you sleepless nights? Buy decorative high-speed ceiling fans from Polar. Check out some tips to maintain ceiling fans effectively.

One of the most useful but the most neglected appliances at home  is a ceiling fan. When it works just fine we do not pay any heed, but a little faulty performance makes us anxious. Whether you buy the best high-speed ceiling fan or not, periodic maintenance is a must. Over time, your fans will get dusty, and can also get a little bit out of balance. This can make them wobbly and also create a humming sound. 

Hiring a professional to look after household maintenance may seem quite a convenient and easy solution as you do not have to put in the extra effort. But if you think for a while you will realize that you can do most of the tasks by yourself without any professional help. The benefits are you can do it according to your time preference and in the process, you will save quite an amount of money.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips That Are Practical:-

  • Out Of Control Spinning: A wobbly fan can be dangerous if it becomes extremely out of balance at full speed. In such cases, all you need to do is to adjust the screws by tightening them. Due to years of service, such a condition is a common sight. Tight screws at the electrical junction box and the mounting bracket. Make sure that you have switched off the main current switch just in case. Once done, you can expect your ceiling fan to work absolutely perfectly, 
  • Get Rid Of Dust And Grease: In reality, it is easy to maintain ceiling fans as they do not need frequent cleaning. But for proper functioning, you must schedule periodic cleaning every month to scrape off all the dirt. Dust accumulation can reduce the speed of your fan, make it out of balance and stress the mortar. Use a wet cloth to wipe the blades clean or an empty pillowcase to get rid of the dirt. Slide it on each of the ceiling fan blades and swipe in a single motion to remove and collect the dust. 
  • Lubrication Is A Must: A majority of ceiling fans require proper lubrication for smooth running. Adding the right oil every year is a crucial process that you should never skip. In some models, there is a small oil reservoir that must be periodically refilled.  Oiling the ball bearings will make your old ceiling fans run like a new model. 

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